• NVR BAG 100$

NVR BAG 100$

Chill while we fill your bag with random items from our vault . 
We have three lvls of Bags for you: a $25 bag, a $50 bag, $100 bag and a $200. Each bag is worth double its retail value(or more) than what you actually pay.

So for example if you buy a $50 bag you will receive 100 $ worth of product that is selected by us.

Specify your size Small — XXXL. Please specify which size grab bag you'd like. The chosen size will affect all tops. 
Please tell us in the "Notes/Special Instructions" section if you would like a snapback and please leave any information that will assist us in putting together your bag. For example, if you take a small in all t-shirts but a medium in all pullover hoodies, please let us know!

Items eligible for inclusion in Grab Bag: Tees, Tanks, Hoodies, Jerseys, Jackets, Snapbacks, Bucket hats, Snapbacks, Beanies,

+ will include surprises stickers, accessories, souls etc. †