NVR X LATEX COLLAR I The New Collection slithers and slims it's way to the dark alley ways with beautifully fitted latex collars for 'nvrstreetlatex'†'street latex'. The NVRX Collaboration with †RubberVvitch† moves calculatedly to the neck secured around to the neck in precise Latex Design.


Handmade Latex Collar. Bold Hand Cut with a snap fastener at the back.

SIZES-SMALL-12-INCH NECK  M-L-14.5-INCH NECK Anything larger would be an additional $15.00-$20.00 to your customer collar. These collars are for both Wizards and Vvitches. UNISEX  Custom Sizes made on request, please email us.

These are hand made 100% Latex Collars that are fitted comfortably but with accurate placing to the Jugular Vein. The †NVRVEIN enthusiast needs quite simply A Collar in their life to go to that higher level of the STREET LATEX and The Unknown Occult Clothing line. Covered by this rubbery latex second skin, you will enhance every single touch and experience, every temperature change with even more intensity to The Collum. 

100% London Latex and Handmade in New York City.

 Each †NVRVEIN† is unique and hand made, you will own a custom made collar. MADE TO ORDER.

 †Care of your latex † Slip into your latex we suggest beGLOSS-EASY GLIDE BODY PREMIUM SPRAY † Ultimate gloss shine we suggest beGLOSS-PERFECT SHINE PREMIUM SPRAY † After each wear wash latex in warm later with a drop of baby shampoo carefully wash them and hang to dry-never scrub or harshly clean printed latex. Just lovingly dip and rinse off the shampoo † Latex is light sensitive and heat sensitive so please store in dark closets in appropriate clothing bags not under 70 degrees not over 80 degrees † Do not use any toxic materials on your latex just use what we suggest for long durable latex pleasure†