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  • Have you heard the NVR M1X #44 from Jeremiah Meece ? Foolin’

    About a month ago, Chicago’s own Jeremiah Meece, an extraordinary production artist who’s resume profile reads  probably reads something like this; “Jeremiah Meece FKA, Jeremiah Chrome of The-Drum, JODY, VALIS and now defunct Clique Talk.” Producer/Singer/Songwriter/Sound Designer/Music Nerd. Meece should be a name you’re familiar with by now. I am not quite sure how you found us – if not, but anyway. He has been making serious waves (no pun intended) for years now. Having been producing content for such artists as Mykki Blanco, Jody, The-DRUM, Haleek Maul, Le1f over the past three years. All of these artist  have been on the ethereal IRL/URL rise as early as 2013 & even before that. We were lucky enough to have him bless us wiv a very cerebral stimulating audible remedy for all of the #NVRMNDKIDZ 

    This mix is all about layering. It is rare for there to be just one thing happening at any point. That makes a tracklist very difficult. If anyone wants a track ID please just comment at the time marker and I can do my best. In addition to layering pieces from different songs, drums/sound effects/melodies etc, most of it has RnB acapellas I layed on top of everything. The mix includes songs from teams, the It Follows OST, Kevin Carey, Poor Sport, Swick & douster, BURAKA SOM SISTEMA, 90s Nick, Taal Mala, 4B, L S D X O X O, Wall, Mighty Mark, MUMDANCE & Logos, Gage remixed by Sudanim Music, Imaabs, Neana, Jam City, and an edit by Joey LaBeija to name a few. The mix ends with a cover I did of Wandering Star by Portishead. Hope yall like it!” – Jeremiah Meece

    Jeremiah Meece of THE-DRUM, JODY, VALIS and now defunct Clique Talk. Producer of many things including “She Gutta” by Mykki Blanco and “Cinnamon and Gold Teeth” by KIT  – Jeremiah Meece

    I have some tracks that have gone unreleased by Jeremiah Meece. His future is certainly going to be bright if he sticks with that fresh sound, and finds the right place to air them jaunts out. Bless †

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  • TIMTONIK (Producer/DJ) lit the internet on fire when he landed his lamborghini Death Star on  the NVR MND soundcloud (two nights ago…)

     Dialing us down of that bullsh*t & onto another masterpiece of his, a preview of what is come in his later release of the EP called “PURGATORY”; including 4 Tracks. starts with a brand new track of mine called “Deep Dark Drone”] A video will be premiered at a later date, stay tune for an update once that information is revealed. What do I have to say about it, Nothing more than you would conjure from the experience from you just listened to the damn thing! It is so slick & dark   –  but has a very comforting vibration in a sense. That sense being, instead of cold/wet youre getting warm/wet; at the same time. The waves hover all over you. I think this is by far one of my all-time favorite NVRM1X’s; produced by TIMTONIK. seriously a glimpse into Alien Tech (AT).


    It’s imaginative, the first emissions aren’t so predictable, to instigate any feelings of nostalgic Tech House. Well I say that, but with a grain of salt if you’re an enthusiast. The spectrum these days has definitely changed since its beginnings, but what some of us refer to as “old heads”, are a pedigree & cultural those personality types are still functioning models of society.

    Those of you whom I’m speaking of are already activated enough to enjoy this mix. It’s an experiential stain on the minds of those who enjoy a hypnotic & trance like dancing experience. Steam evaporates from the symbols, as the bass of your feet stomping the ground in an ethereal orgasmic tension. Never wanting to stop, as music turns into an alarming of deliberate movements to exhume oneself from their prisons.



    01. Tim Tonik – Deep Dark Drone (Original Mix)

    02. HYP.NOS – Grenade (Rezystor Remix)

    03. Tonikattitude – Dont Touch My Cocaine (Marika Rossa Remix)

    04. Atomic Moog – Rhythm (KMRT Remix)

    05. Luix Spectrum – Black White (Jan Fleck Remix)

    06. I’GOR – Deathstalker (Original Mix)

    07. 2Bee – Preparation For The Attack (Original Mix)

    08. Housemeister, Dave Tarrida – YOU GONNA DIG THIS (JoeFarr Remix)

    09. Erik S, Matt S – Acid Overdose (Original Mix)

    10. Lorenzo D’Ianni, Pedro Delgardo – Nails (Original Mix)

    11. Matt Mus, Lexem – Black Shadows (Original Mix)

    12. Henry Cullen, Tom Laws – Awakening (Original Mix)

    13. Jan Fleck – Turin (Original Mix)

    14. Hell Driver – Diesel Power (Original Mix)

    15. Hombre Ombre, Diatek – Masochism Love (Original Mix)

    16. Ronny Vergara – Mood (Original Mix)

    17. A.Paul – Departure (Original Mix)

    18. Clouds – Chained To A Dead Camel (Original Mix)

    19. Niereich vs Hackler And Kuch – Tllive (Andreas Kramer Mix)

    20. Tim Tonik – Sound of Silence (Preview)

    [ This NVR M1X brought to you by NVR MND. Thanks to MIKE TEXTBEAK, our elite music coordinator & Thanks to our supporters and everyone who tune the mix. If you’re already a wordpress member Follow/Share each post you loved reading & let us know what you think in comments below. ]


    A NVR MND Moment from TIMTONIK

    TIMTONIK:  “…Also there is coming an Teaser for my upcoming music video…”

    “This music video which is set to release, come end of June/July on VOXNOX Records

    “The EP is called PURGATORY; including 4 Tracks. starts with a brand new track of mine called “Deep Dark Drone, which will be released soon on the voxnox records compilation. At the end (50:00 – 50:08) you can hear the first chords of an upcoming freedownload of mine; which is called [Sound of Silence]…”

    “…Another thing about the Mix is that this mix is slightly different to my own mixtape series Future Death Tape. It’s an more Dark Deep Techno – After Hour Set, which should show that my music will become even more darker and deeper. It only includes music i personally prefer and i would play those tracks on afterhour gigs. But I will still continue my FDT series with that dark future techno music. And, I as Tim Tonik will also produce that kind of music , but also that new deep and dark [stuff]….”



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  • 1.Shlohmo-Slow Descent
    3.Dom & Roland-Punish Me
    4.Everything But The Girl-Walking Wounded(Omni Trio Mix)
    5.Mos Def-Universal Magnetic(IQ Collection)
    6.Mobb Deep-Eye For An Eye
    7.Klashnekoff-It’s Murda
    10.Heltah Skeltah-Operation Lockdown
    11.Unkle-Lonely Soul
    12.Sneaker Pimps-6 Underground
    13.Death Threat-She Falls
    14.Black Kray & Jayyeah-RatchetGoth
    19.Bobby Shmurda X Eric Stanley-Hot Nigga
    20.Dizzee Rascal-Vexed
    21.Novelist X Mumdance-Shook
    22.Dahlia Black-Fuck a Rap Song
    23.Ice Pope & Graves-XEO
    24.Youngstar-Pulse X(Slackk Rmx)
    25.Dubchild-Bumbaclart Riddim
    26.Soulja Boy-Swag Daddy(Morten_HD edit)
    27.Dizzee Rascal-Stand Up Tall (Celestial Trax Secret Bootleg)
    29.White Christian Male-Blood


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    NVRM1X 35 //

    https://soundcloud.com/nvrmnd/sgamo-wtfu-daniel-peace-x-nvr-mnd-2-guys-1-laptop //

    Air Max ‘97 – Chasm
    Rich Gang – Givenchy
    A Copy For Collapse – Grey Sunday (Un:Code Remix)
    Sirkus Sirkuz – No Good (Start The Dance)
    MikeQ & Sinjin Hawke – ThunderScan
    Hannah Wants & Lorenzo – Oochie Bang
    L-Vis 1990 – United Groove (John Roman Edit)
    Catchment – Together
    4B – Bomboclat
    Cashmere Cat – Aurora (Rusty Hook Flip)
    JoeFarr – BitterMn
    Rizzla dj – Buck That Bxtch (Rizzla’s Cunty Refix)
    Head High – Megatrap (Tsvi Edit)
    I Killed Kenny – Nobody (Dub Mix)
    Rich Homie Quan & Young Thug – Get TF Out My Face (Mr. Carmack Remix)
    Andrew Diggs – The Ghost
    Flava D – In The Dance
    Dj Q – Get Over You
    Missy Elliot – Work It (King Kong Goes Duro Remix)
    Yung Lean – Lightsaber // Saviour
    Ba-kuura – Got 2
    Trinidad James – All Gold Everything (Terry Urban South Bronx Bootleg)

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