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  • NN: Thanks 4 Taking The Time; Giving Us The Opportunity To Get To Sit & Talk With You

    Faces: No problem, I appreciate it, actually. You guys are rad!

    NN: Let me start by asking how you are, and what you have been doing for the past two months ?

    Faces: The past couple of months musically has been pretty solid, Yawning Boy (of .CULT) and I have been grinding & tryna finish the DEADLIFE project. Which is my first solo project in a while. Other than that, I’ve been just driftin’ here and there… on my human mode shit, you know?

    NN: What came of the end of 2014 for you ?

    Faces: Towards the end of the year i went on the THRAXXIMUM OVERDRIVE tour with Key Nyata and MackNed for a few dates which was pretty cool because I’ve never done that before but ultimately figured out the how 2015 is going to be going for us for the first half of the year. We got some moves to make this year, promise.

    NN: What plans have you made since then for your music, or your art ?

    Faces: After that we kinda just restarted my album, being apart of the #THRAXXHOUSE team and collective inspired us honestly. Yawns and i kinda just dropped what we had and redid it all. Vibes changed for the best of ways and recording came kind of easier(?)

                         SHOT & EDITED BY @DCANOSHITSOCASH

    NN: Albums, Possible Video Release Dates ?

    Faces: My latest, #DEADLIFE actually released on 2/10/15 and is available for stream/download for free, here. The album is to be projected on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play real soon. As for new vids, we’ve released a couple in the past few months one for track on my new project titled “Drugs and another for a .CULT single “Slumped before that we shot another video for a track on my album called “Breathe Slow in Seattle with MackNed which was basically our #THRAXXHOUSE initiation (hahaha) We’ve had plans for new vids, but nothing is 100%, yet!

    NN: Do you plan on traveling , or touring within this year ?

    Faces: That is what we’re aiming for this year! We’ll be playing showcases at #SXSW in March and after that we’ve got some shows lined up to keep us busy. If all goes as planned it should be a good year.

    NN: What was the last most important work that you completed – How well do you believe it was received ?

    Faces: .CULT’s last release with Mishka “#YFB” was a our best project any of us had released, so we were pretty proud of that. It did really well actually, got us some good attention and allowed us to meet a lot of really cool dudes in the process.

    NN: When you began your project, did you expect the turnout you have received so far ?

    Faces: Honestly, I didn’t really know what to expect… I never really do(?) I try not to hold high expectations for the sole fact that I’m not good with disappointment. We just kinda do what we can when we can and hope for the best down the road. I’m thankful though for the turn out so far considering its been strictly positive feedback and we’ve had no blog love on this one (lol).

    NN : When did you know you wanted to begin this project ?

    Faces: Immediately after the release #YFB, I planned on working on something on the side of .CULT and I just had the time and support to get it done.

    NN: What do you want to convey, or what have you also found that you do convey in frequently in your materials ?

    Faces: It’s a “Make It How You Can Type Of World”, nobody is handing shit out anymore, and kids are too lazy to get it together making the moves they need to these days… Kids would rather sit and wait on a miracle, like the lottery, rather than making their own reality, real. I also really convey my substitution of emotions and drugs a lot :/

    NN: What reflects the least, what should be focusing on ?

    Faces: Old stuff… really, we should be focused on the new stuff of the new year. This year should be fun!

                                    SHOT & EDITED BY: YAWNS

    NN: How many releases have you successfully produced ?

    Faces: All of our releases are inhouse, we don’t have a big time studio, don’t pay for studio time, and work with what we can.. Yawns is the one who really mixes and masters our projects usually.. Gungho (of .CULT) has been producing too and he’s getting better. So, it’s nothing but progression for us. Altogether we’ve got mad music out there, but as for successful releases I’d say our last 2 projects have been fire.. Gungho is actually working on a solo EP at the moment so keep your eyes peeled for that as well!



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    Photography by Lauren Neuer

     Vintage NVRMND “Candles” Garment, As worn by Mascara


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