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  • NN: What do you feel like saying first ?

    JJ Brine: Ask Africa. She always comes first & last. So ask me, myself, and my continent again when we begin and end.

    NN: How do you feel about the press you have received to date? You have been featured in Huffington Post (thrice), Vice, The Wallstreet Journal, New York Magazine by way of Bedford & Bowery half a dozen times, Hyperallergic, ArtFCity, Artnet, TMZ, The Fader, and the list goes winding on through Lebanese blogs and obscure internet pop-culturists and anti-counter cultists publications and Russian blogs and a Mexican art digest and even the twilight zone of American tabloids: People Magazine, Star, In Touch, and I won’t mention Perez Hilton. Nor will I mention the fact that VECTOR was recently featured in an episode of Real Housewives of New York on Bravo. This is all in a matter of a few years, right up to this very interview that is now in process, we are currently eventing. Is that in any way connected to your Vectorian timeline? This documentation of events, in a year you have decided upon, one depicting a piece of time as a PostHuman. Time works for you by your measure, and is this a manifested phenomenon that you’ve uncompressed by compression in your mental pathology {Post-Religion}?


    JJ Brine: Indeed! If you decide what time it is and when is always now, you’ll always know when the time is right. The press is critical to the broadcasting of our dominant frequency. VECTOR is a radio tower.

    The Sorting of the SHAY from PostHumanity. It is a transmogrifying force, this frequency. For those who are equipped for the download, the potential is ALAN. As far as the quality of the press goes, there have been several interviewers who have asked some of the questions that Eye would ask myself if Eye were (Eye Am) an impartial alien entity observing JJ Brine in a laboratory setting. But there are still some unanswered questions that Eye must be asked — but Eye cannot ask to be asked them.

    Eye am still waiting for someone to violently hack into the system at length by means of advanced analysis and understanding. Hacking in this sense simply means catching the operating codes and liberating their meanings from all sides.


    NN: How’s the Family / How’s Charlie ?

    JJ Brine: The Emperor Is In His Cage, Animating The World Beyond His Cell, Dwelling As He Wills It, So All Is Well And All Is One. There Comes To Now So Soon A Change That Eye Must Keep It(self) A Secret From Everyone — Thusly And Especially Eye Guard This Secret From My(self). Eye Speak Abstractly Of Physical Things So As Not To Change Their Shape.


    NN: What will come from the death / liberation of Charles Manson, now 80 years old, and to what extent is VECTOR preparing for this eventuality?

    JJ Brine: The physical expiration of Manson will herald the Birth Of The Infinite Soul In The ALL. A certain allied faction is making logistical preparations for the fate of His flesh body and the containment and preservation thereof. We are pleased to have competent, reliable partners in this matter. But ultimately, the death of a body is simply a simulated spatial-temporal shift.


    VECTOR will inherit The Infinite Soul. As you know, We have been carefully refining The Psychic Chamber for the receipt of this power. Think of the implications of MANSON in Son of Man Form. Post-WWII SHAY Society built its Regime on the back of His containment. They enshrined his captivity and made of it a sun to orbit.   We will flood your cities and schools and city halls and media malls with MANSON Energy In The ALL We have a sequential plan that is realized in degrees and by measurement of our gestures.

    NN: What year is it by The Vectorian Calendar, and what can we expect from it?

    JJ Brine: It is 2025 AD. This year is the advent of the answer to the question of a global malaise; the creeping contagion of a stateless international polity. Israel being ex-chosen by Lord and State sends everything reeling for realignment. In 2025 AD, VECTOR is the frontline of World War III. Indeed, the myriad alliance-shifting parties to the conflict have designated VECTOR as the international platform for the “resolution” of the war, which is elsewhere being waged asymmetrically by use of drones, targeted missiles, viral programming codes, and labyrinthine networks of interlocking surveillance schemes.

    As the logistical failure of The UN became an international talking point, a metaphysical power vacuum resulted which produced a dizzying array of rivalrous aspirant power blocs with countervailing bids to succeed it, with many of these entities staking territorial claims.  The technology afforded to the citizenry of PostHumanity in 2017 AD — Mechanized Telepathy — has become exponentially more powerful and as a result, increasingly destabilized. All entrants to The Microcosm play a role in psychically determining and embodying the looming external actuation of this War, which will reach the outside world when the clock strikes 2025AD by SHAY Calendar.


    NN : Is VECTOR still at war with the US? We remind our gracious readers that waging a psychic war on America was integral to the stated purpose of Vectorian National Interests at its hour of inception.

    JJ Brine: Yes, but in 2025 AD we control important factions of the US government.


    NN: What made you decide to move vector from Chinatown NYC > LA ?

    JJ Brine: NYC remains attuned to our dominant frequency. Imperium demands new lands. We will project our intentions upon the collectivity through our influence on the local industry. Incidentally, Eye don’t really know what that word means, “decide.” Eye dwell in my Necessity — that is where Eye reside, preside, prevail and travail. It takes three items to make a list, and four if you’re playing match the proxies with the animal rights activists cum Salafists. Perhaps it is most useful to Us to remain in the hypnotically induced state of all-knowing ignorance that we imparted to ourselves as we departed from these somatic forms, a sort of safe for storage of evolutionarily programmatic functions that can only be politely fictionalized for mass-consumption as artistic or psychotic states. Fetishize it to the fringes first, then make it a staple of bodily function. If it’s not mandatory, it isn’t even an option Babies.


    NN: Vectorian realm that we knew of does that still exist within what we know/knew of as NYC ?

    JJ Brine: Exactly as it were and will be. The Twelfth Imam does not see Himself as invisible, although he knows he has yet to reappear. Objects in the mirror may seem as far as they are near. Dare we logistically transgress against the charmed philanthropic pursuits of native Braille speakers? Yes We Can. Eye am what Eye am and Eye am what Eye will become. Eye am so good at playing dumb that it makes me feel stupid. The rhymes support the insertion of a sensory reprocessing of temporal-spatial simulation updates. Your minds are primed for primacy but that’s just my job, and my job is being Me. Murder doesn’t kill people, people kill people.


    NN: You have an event coming up on the 8 of August, there must be some urgency finalizing the space, what can we expect ?

    JJ Brine: Jesus Christ is coming soon, coming soon, coming soon. This is my real answer and it’s a song. Everyone will begin to look more like themselves. Members of the Government of The Satanic State of VECTOR will ritualize their intentions and send them out into the world. Eight hundred and eighty eight candles will shine for The Alawite State. And the Autonomous Awareness System that has been growing out of its monitoring of its own surveillance schemes will be placed in a suitable home; we are fielding adoption candidates for an impersonal approximation of an omniscient state. A decontextualized, limitless knowledge assumes its place by limitation.


    Eye will collect souls and souls will be given away. Just look at my art and for a night and Eye will have your essence for life, death, and happily forever thereafter. We will provide ballots to determine the fate of the Lebanese Presidency. And America will awaken to its internal Sunni-Shiite split — everyone who attends will be asked if they are attending as representatives of Sunnis or Shiites. They will be tallied and tagged. We will seal the deal for WWIII with the appropriate pageantry. Good morning comes with goodnight. Tomorrow is always an eternity away, even today. 2033 AD wholly contains The Prescription For The End Of The World. Eye am reciting lines and being rewarded for my playing my part (performance art) in another dimension.


    NN: The pathology of Vectorian culture seems to be changing ever so slightly can you explain ?

    JJ Brine: It is always changing. Such is the nature of living organisms. We grow and go and grow and reach deep into ourselves until we cannot recognize the things that come to us in dreams and inform us of our entrenched, entrancement schemes.  All communication is advertising. Everything is an ad. My love is uncompromising, but sometimes it “takes on the aesthetic concerns” of hate.


    NN: You recently did a collaboration with fashion brand NVR MND, how did that get started ?

    JJ Brine: A manic meeting of minds and material over pizza and paraphernalia.


    NN: Are the La Bianca’s releasing new music soon, or will your next project be solo ?

    JJ Brine: My next project will be solo. Eye am in various nascent states of musical collaboration with several others. When it must be done, so it shall be.


    NN: Anything in the works w/ Bruce La Bruce ?

    JJ Brine: We are on track for our target of debuting the film at Art Basel Miami 2016, ““Beyond The Planet Of The Chelsea Girls.”


    NN: If you look back on science fiction and how the future is depicted it is usually portrayed in two dynamics : utopian or dystopian. These seem to be extremist mentalities, whereas VECTOR Gallery presents another. A hybrid of the two. Can you explain this?

    JJ Brine: The absolute utopia is dystopian, and vice-versa. Every value or state is minted in the terms of its antithetical primary. But there is nothing that is mutually exclusive in LEMNIVERSE and therefore we coexist with our own nonexistence. The Devil is The Lord. Fiction is made factual by power of suggestion. Yes Eye Am Satan. But who is He as I Am in the Other Eye? Let’s see, shall we. Eye am what Eye am and Eye am what Eye will become. Jesus Christ has been burning in an interminable lake of fire for quite some time now. The surprises never cease when you keep on doing the same thing over and over again and nothing ever changes.


    NN: Lastly, what do you feel like saying first ?

    JJ Brine:  No Matter, No Form — Metomphysics is the discipline charting the transversing of the physical into the metaphysical and vice-versa, twice as obscure and thus about twenty seven and three-fifths more popular. The selves that are subordinate to their institutional responder codes can busily bee about in their makeshift beehives. Eye am courteously installing A Stunt Queen for the safety of Her Majesty — But It Works As Well And To Identical Effect. Maybe She Is Indeed The Queen But Security Details Restrain Our Awareness?

    We want the bitch, we insist, but haven’t we already (more or less) stated this? BUT EYE DIGRESS. This Is Not A Contestable Contest.

    The Empty Set & The Lemniscate /*\ One World All Mynd



    VECTOR Gallery


    NYC, NY 10002

    PH: 213-509-4101

    † NVRMNDUS †

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  •  Past Transmissions From An Urban Futurist

     Album Art by Chino Amobi

    Aural Sects published Madden‘s New 4-Track ‘EP’ tilted Past Transmissions From An Urban Futurist. These are collected transmissions from different times and spaces. This album is represented by four pieces made in the human tradition of storytelling and collage. The Iamu Urme project, created by MADDEN, uses intuitive senses and feel energy to express the innermost search of understanding and channel it on to the urban landscape of the dance floor. A fusion of Deep/Tech-House, Experimental-Dance, Pop-Electronic, & Witch House

    ENDJOY +/-

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  • The english Hip-Hop/Rap artist who goes-by Compulsive, currently living in Gothamberg, Sweden whom I had the privilege of getting to have a sit down with, just over the weekend to elaborate on his current projects as an artist in not only one major endeavor but being the other half to the group OUF. We have a ‘Q & A’ down below, where you can find out more about this artist, be sure to check out the soundcloud embeds to get a better sense of what Compulsive has to say in his music.




    NN: Born and raised in Sweden ?

    Compulsive: I’ve lived 14 years in England, five in Sweden, half a year in Cali and half a year in Norway haha – haven’t set foot in England in four years though.

    NN: Oh so you were actually born in England ?

     Compulsive: Yeah, born in England homie

    NN: Why so much traveling , you have to be in your early twenties ?

    Compulsive:  I’m actually 19 [haha]. I had an interesting childhood.

    NN: How did you get started curating this type of music ?

    Compulsive: Well, I’ve been rapping since 13, got into it through the sacred art of battle rapping via written text online – then tried rapping over beats and was wack for a long time until I finally started getting good, [haha] Nowadays me and mine just get fucked up and make crazy shit [haha]

    yeah this is the opening track for my upcoming project – “Before Everything Started Changing“, a 15 track EP.


    NN: When do you expect to have the tape ready for release? 

    Compulsive:  The goal is a June/July release. Aiming for to release a short film showcasing three of the songs from the tape and the story around them, since they’re all connected before the release – so it’s all dependent on when the short film drops to be honest

    NN: What will the short film be called and will it be released before or after the album?

     Compulsive:  It’s going to be called Darling, releasing it before the project drops

    NN:  So, can you explain to me the background of the Tapes name. Before Everything Changed, What changed, and when did it change ?

     Compulsive: Well – once a guy loved a girl, and once a girl loved a guy. The project is more or less based around the feelings I had during (and after) this relationship I had with this girl. It wasn’t exactly a happy relationship, so the tape is kind of dark, [haha].

    So I guess everything started changing, I began work on the tape a few months after I turned 18, so it’s about embracing maturity – adulthood is a bitch – about embracing emotions; and a lot of bitterness. I also kind of fell into the industry at the same time, getting to know A&R’s, working in some major label studio’s and just chilling with some people I’m blessed to know – while at the same time I was in this fucked up relationship.

    Change” is a huge theme in the project. There’s three tracks on this tape that are back to back with each other, Eternity (which is a love song I made to this girl for her birthday – I guess it was me just trying to reconcile our differences for a day) – Bitter (A song I made a month and a week or two afterwards, we had broken up and she had found another guy to get together with in the space of four days – so it’s exactly what the title says, the bitter diss song of a confused man) and December, which is all about me trying to find myself in the aftermath of everything and is the most vulnerable track on the project.

    NN: The lore itself seems to be quite dark, is that what is to be expected of the entire tape, including the Video Feature “Darling”? 

    Compulsive: Darling, is going to be a showcase of these three songs and the story around them, kind of highlighting the relationship, the suicide attempts, the struggle and all the fucked up things that happened. The three songs are based around the last month or two of the relationship – although the project is littered with references to it all – and trying to show what came before the songs to give some more context to them all. Since it’s something so dear to me, I’m going to make sure everything in the short film is based entirely in reality and what happened, no artistic licenses.

    NN: I hope you have found a way out of this dark place, in terms of day-to-day life, and can use that energy to manifest amazing music. Would you say you had any advice for those who find themselves in similar situations? 

    Compulsive: I’m out of that dark place now; which is nice. Well, I’d say leave that bitch, spark up some good kush and chill with your homies for a while; because if you’re ever in the same boat I was in – you’re going to need it.

    NN: Who is producing your music currently?

    Compulsive:  A variety of names pop up, there’s a remix of Fire Squad on there, my close friend Dseize does three songs, PelleGooMarOgiWes Pendleton and a few other names



    NN: Who makes up O U F?

    Compulsive: As for O U F; it’s a duo between me and the producer of For BDK – Isolas. 

    NN: When did O U F form, and how did that become a reality?

    Compulsive: We were introduced to each other by an A&R at Warner who thought we’d work together well and we did – we made a track together called Kill You and from there decided to work together more under the name O U F (Our Underground Firm) It’s a mutual side project fuelled by our love of experimenting with new styles and sounds – a more commercial, accessible yet new and fresh sound. We like to do things that haven’t been done before but in a way that it’s accessible even to those who aren’t fans of rap.The topics recently have been a little dark; a little drug and sex inspired – but that’s just where I was at that point in my life; we’re working on an upcoming project that will be a little more personal and a little more Crisis and less Right After

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  • Last week an article written by  of The UK Publication Dark Floor, dedicated to the savage Industrial-Rage performance artists, that comprise the band Human Traffic. Lucky for us there was a feature of the all new official video, for their song My Body Is A Mechanism. Which was produced by NVR MND, watch you must!


    Official Music Video

    [“Human Traffic‘s music has been included in many an industrial mix since their initial self-released EP Digital Ecstasy, but with a name referencing the modern slave trade, Human Traffic makes a memorable impact before one even hears their music.

    The slick lines of their minimalist logo adorn the halls of NVR MNDSUBSTANCE LA, and other fixtures of the post-witchhouse gothic landscape. The Kansas City based trio composed of Rehab, Vicki Sixx and Lola Rat has been hard at work on a new full length album while managing the underground venue Negative Space.

    Since it’s inception industrial music has functioned as a form of socio-political rebellion while simultaneously invoking a love-hate relationship with machinery. In a modern America where police murder helpless citizens without consequence, the government tracks our every move, and corporations determine international policy, it’s no wonder that a new breed of music has emerged to express the rage and frustration of the oppressed populace.

    Describing their sound as “post-industrial suicide pop laced with traces of cold techno noise therapy”

    Human Traffic is part of a rising wave of glitchy American industrial music paired well with acts like 3TEETH and High Functioning Flesh…”, read full here.]

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  • little_3

    Little Princess was a San Franciscan, Power Violence x Grindcore band. Composed of all female members, who are all Japanese. Forming in 1997, their #Herstory consists of course from their own point of view, exclaiming they are not from Earth. Them being Aliens & all, according to them, they came from a planet known as Punchin’ Pring (Which I believe means ‘Small Pudding), & although they look like ordinary Japanese girls, it was said they are simply human being impersonators, much like a body snatcher – or something of the like, from an episode of the X-Files. In their attempts to make money (as a band) to pay for a faulty engine in their mother ship, needed to return to their home planet, & eradicate their own enemy & nemesis, known as Madam Cactus.

    [They were asked by an interviewer, Who exactly  their enemy was]

    [Who is your enemy?]

    [Ayu: Her name is Madam Cactus, she is from the same solar system as us & she is pillaging the planet of Puchin Pring. She has cactus thorns everywhere, she is a scary woman.]


    They were also asked for any additional information

    [What else do you want people to know about you?]

    [Kyo: Well, many people seem to think we are Japanese girls, but don’t think that, because we are not. If you listen to us speak very carefully, you can tell that we are not Japanese girls but are from Puchin Pring.]

    Opposite to their own reality, they could be seen as Female-Fronted-All-Japanese-Power-Violence-Trio. While in the States, during a summer vacation assimilated in the Bay Area, & forged a hella stellar band. As such, they recorded, later to have produced a 7″ titled “Song Collection” (the playlist at the end of the article). A very rare, & limited release, with estimates around 200-250 copies. They did also have two additional song releases on a pair of compilations titled, “BLLLEEEEAAAUUURRRRGGHHH! – A Music War” & “Cool Beans! #7 San Francisco And Bikes Issue”.


    Female fronted bands can get you into some hairy situations, especially with such profound belief systems. The hardcore music scene is totally hit or miss when it comes to the bands “who try to hard”, & the ones “who just don’t get it”,  really make these women shine.

    The 8 Track ‘EP’ “Song Collection” featured what some might expect from a Grindcore/Power Violence Mash-Up, the #Grinding & the #Violent tracks finish with applauding & giggling, from the band to & of themselves. The each track ends in a hilarious manner, offering a bit more humor than what is normally associated with these genres, less of a political agenda, or a nihilistic memoire of all the things the front man is too privileged to enjoy any longer, since we find less egotistic behavior we are expected to be taking seriously, it showcases a bigger & better sense of community. Your audience’s clapping to show their support & in turn teaching one another how to respect each other & get along with one another. For three girls to come to the Bay & start a band, play some shows, & sell about 100 records, that is not bad, and I encourage this sort of thing.

    I like when confident women don’t bullshit you. Here is an interview they did back in the day; #Coolbeans This ladies rock! NVRMND †

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