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    A collective of young artists just last year, have gathered enough resources, to aid them in adding a very necessary installation in the Columbus night life scene. Known as  M I N T, ( the gallery is located 42 W Jenkins, Columbus Ohio), this gallery stands to truly become a significant relic as not only a “safe space”, (and) not only one for artists, but one free to grow to have a deep connection with artistic youth of Columbus, as they grow inside of inside of it. 

    Fed up, with seemingly infinite limitations throughout the of end the adolescent years, that struggle has invoked a sort of “Go Big or Go Home” mentality. Everyone supports each other here, regardless of their differences.

    Columbus is mainly stuffed with a gigantic college campus, OSU, the iconic dive-bars that only locals know to go, and hidden eateries scattered a bout, the few music halls (generally only book larger bands, leaving little room for lesser known collectives). So most of the urban landscape can be imagined as a very barren place, in an aesthetic sense. It can be hard to place oneself, especially those with such overly active [millennial] minds. Who view it with less accessibility to those whom have somehow “adjusted” into the area. 

    [For those who are not enrolled students in a campus, with those types of resources or businessmen and women who are financing their own offices, boutiques, and trinket stores, it can appear to be a bit dismal at times, trying to attempt to become something bigger than everything around you.] 

    These youths come from such a long history of  house parties/events, and a multitude of LGBT safe houses that have come and gone, but ultimately continue to make to the necessary leaps needed, into beneficial circumstances such as their own first commercial art space, where they rent the space out for curation and cultivation of all kinds, wether it be commercial or otherwise. 

    NN: Would you care to tell me about the Mint Gallery; Mission, Affiliations, Members, Programs Offered, and Hours: 

    CJ Brazleton: MINT is an art space that was once a meat processing factory. It is occupied by a group of emerging artists in Columbus Ohio. We are located on the south side of Columbus in Merion Village at 47 W Jenkins Avenue. 

    Our goal is as a collective is to encourage and cultivate collaboration and new modes of thinking. MINT gives these artists an affordable place to make their work, while at the same time being a core piece to a much bigger picture; a responsive movement for the Columbus’ Arts community.

    Right now I think MINT an incredible thing because it is such a temporal space. Alternative art spaces like ours are everywhere, and they usually have short life spans. These spaces are usually ran by artists who need to create their work, and it is also a vessel that will allow them to do what their local galleries or institutions are too afraid to do. So to have that mentality, everything you do in that activated space becomes precious to you.

    After the artist(s) showcase, their is typically a performance artist post show, featured ‘Ground Is Lava’

    We have members in a lot of different fields. We have members who are responsible for Night Mode Sound System, a key collection of djs in the city. A lot of the future projects and collaborations are in the works, but I can assure you they will be diverse as hell in what they offer.

    Currently, MINT has an art gallery, music space, and studios. The way we program our events seems to be pretty open. Interested in working with us? Contact any member and they will propose that idea to the group.

    NN: What is the event history as to date – Roster of Past Exhibitions ?

    CJ Brazelton: We’ve had five art exhibitions thus far. Our inaugural show was titled Influx, featuring Walter Sutin, Noah Markoe, Ben Pederson, and Zachary Armstrong. That was a key show because it made us realize what it took to install in what used to be a chicken processing room. So when it was time for Dark Matter, HARD/SOFT, and Refigural, we knew how to go about it with those concrete walls.

    NN: How long are each of the exhibitions ?

    CJ Brazelton: Each show on average seems to run about two and a half weeks. Our gallery hours currently are Thursday through Saturday, from 6pm – 10 pm.

    NN: You have artist talks, as well during each showcase. I enjoyed very much. Interactivity intellectually & and thereafter – live music and musical performances.

    CJ Brazelton: Interactivity intellectually & and thereafter – live music and musical performances. 

    NN: Main points of focus and/or interests as reference, for first time guests/visitors

    CJ Brazelton: I think the main point is to give the first time guests and visitors a unique experience within the space. To make it known that the building they are in has a history and is being appropriated into this cultural structure. All the signs from the meat factory are still up and the murkiness is still there. So it’s interesting to see the visitors react to the artwork reacting to the space

    If you would like to get into contact with MINT gallery, check this link!



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