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Miraculous. When we find ourselves in these instances listening to musicians or even watching visual artists defy what we we generically understand – or take as fact, strictly concerning how we see “the world” – or “our world”. When we recognize an artist has created a world we can’t quite remembering being apart of – yet still, it unlocks a certain spiritually-oceanic feeling, when we recognize an artist as someone whom created & endowed us, with their own world as the gift that it is – granting you a heightened sensory; another experience gained, & an ultimately more well rounded understanding of that artist. Enjoy these spells in which The Ceremonial Dagger has conjured for you, bless TCD! 

The Ceremonial Dagger, is a magick artist. A curator of phenomenal frequency, massive in spectrum, and immersive. Long since passed the birth of Witch House – A Father & A Son, a new time, & a new sound encompasses this master audio/video production wizard.  #SLOGOTH #CRYPTOWAVE

NN: I heard you were voiced on Mike Textbeaks’ radio show CHVRCH XV BRXK3N 7ANGVAG3 that’s exciting!

The Ceremonial Dagger: Yeah totally. Mike has been a huge supporter of mine since we met & since have discussed several projects. I have never felt I had enough material to support an entire show, but by the end of 2014 I felt pretty comfortable. I have never really been a DJ. I have done a few mixes, but that is about it. Mike suggested i could just play my material. Although – honestly it just felt right. I think it got a great response and was thrilled!


NN: You tend to compile you’re music throughout the year, & release it at very strategized points in time, all of your releases are curated to your soundcloud ?

The Ceremonial Dagger: Pretty much everything I’m currently satisfied with. Sure there are a few I’ve held back but not much. There are things i might develop further and release, and i have a ton of abandoned things i will revisit someday but mainly i have everything on soundcloud. I pay for the pro account so fuck it, i put it to use. If there is finished stuff missing, its just a track or two…


NN: Was there anything you still decided to leave unreleased by the end of 2K14 ? (Will we see certain things reach the dark of night, like “Ice Magick I”?) 

The Ceremonial Dagger: Ice Magick 1 was essentially 3 tracks i wrote freezing my ass off in the winter of 2013. Those tracks are actually on soundcloud. I might add to them in the winter of 2015 and release it all together then. I spent a lot of 2014 editing, refixing, & remixing older witch house tracks of mine. 

NN: What do you have coming in 2K15 ?

The Ceremonial Dagger: I never know. I made up #crypto-wave as a personal genre in my head, & now i will try to make what i think it should sound like. I do that, make up an aesthetic then try to put sound to it Mainly I will just roll with whatever comes out. Most of what i make is a mystery to me. I kinda go into a trance, & wake up with some music or art.

NN: I have been listening to the 5 Track Ep XXXIV Ice Magick2 on repeat it truly shows you’re a veteran. I can hear that in your work. Such amass of variation you have is unlike the scrambled glop, listeners of Witch House often find ourselves with. Each of your sounds tends to compliment another. The audible relationship(s) are simply fresh and uphold such a consistent energy. This is a occurrence we can find repeating in a lot of your music; How’d you develop your sound ?

The Ceremonial Dagger: Years and years of being a failure and self loathing. I still question myself, still my hardest critic, but i am much happier than I’ve ever dreamed i could be. after 10000 attempts you start to kinda believe in what you make i think.

NN: Might there be some very sick collaborations coming in the future, please spill open the can of worms

I wish i had something. Nobody has approached me yet. I would like to work with the Blam Lord someday, that will happen. Radio Vril is another person i want to work with. Id love to collaborate with I†† on something someday. But all in all nobody has approached me with anything concrete. of course nobody had last year until late and then suddenly i worked with VALHALLA and D/SIR so you just never know!

NN: Your design work is impeccable, it’s rare to see such perfect cult imagery bonded together; how long have you been a designer & videographer ? 

The Ceremonial Dagger: Well I am definitely self-taught at both; I got into video in the late 90’s. Digital design I started learning around 2006 – really I did not make much that was interesting to me till I got involved with the “WH” scene in 2010. By 2011, I think I was really starting to develop a style I was proud of. I’d stand behind anything in 2011 & beyond.

Some of my past projects are embarrassing. I††’s – Azoth & Aimon’s – Mirrors Fade are by far the best examples of me doing video at a level that I felt pushed into territory that was at new levels. Both of those visual projects were mashed up video in Video Vegas, then opened in Photoshop extended and edited frame-by-frame.

I have no doubts I could do much better these days, but
both of those were made out of love and respect for the artists and were
extremely tedious to produce. I had a surge of people requesting videos after that, but I
had to just step back and say I just could not do them. I wanted to but physically and mentally I just could not. Not
enough time, computer was always glitching from those sort of projects, etc.

Hopefully someday I will make at least one more. Design and
graphics are something I love and can do rather quickly. It took me a long time
to learn Photoshop (I am not a quick learner) Although, I feel pretty confident
I can pretty much make whatever I want. When I was younger I was intensely
interested in mixed media art, with Photoshop I feel like it’s a dream come
true creating images from practically anything and mashing them together,
tweaking. Regardless of sound, image or video…for me the magic is all in the
layering, and layering all of those mediums has just become magic over the
years, easier every day with the technology.

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