A Dadaist Mage, and Angel & Devil of Change, flying in on a horse of light, and curing the airs & waters of ignorance & fear, #NVRBLOG Talks w/ Phyllis Josefine

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It isn’t often for some to meet people whom they have first come into contact with over social media or internet service providers, but it is becoming so.

I first became acquainted with Phyllis Josefine over such a platform (most of us are familiar with, FB). She intrigued me, but this is even prior to having spoken with or to her; so is that to suggest I could possibly posses a heightened sense of (strong) energies around me, or am I just more inclined to tap into that ability to detect another. Whatever the case may be, Phyllis Josefine has got immense prolific power pouring out of her words, as well as her deeds. A goddess, she is willing for the world to embrace her, as she does it. A diamond in the rough, but not so rough around the edges – This gemstone, Ms. Josefine.

                                                                                                               CC: Thomas Lecheler

NN: Phyllis, can you tell me a little bit about yourself, where you’re from and how old you are ? 

Phyllis Josefine: I am living in Germany, 22 is my age they say. i always lived a creative life, but my complete change happened at 19. thinking more about how to open all the borders that I (sub)consciously established. i am already in a higher estate. About me: I am the wind and the particles, you want to catch. i am a bit water, and i am the wire in between you and me. i am a bit earth, for i am grounded, and i am all the contradictions of whatever i told already.

NN: What’s something that has been on your mind lately ?

Phyllis Josefine: How can I deal with my fears in the best way. i do not know when another war will start here. I fear, I cannot say that it’s in the distance anymore. People live here as if everything is alright, and I really do not know how to react to their oblivious behavior. The media is keeping its mouth shut. The euro is depreciating immensely, many banks are crashing down, the war draws nearer from Russia soil. The most important part for me is now, to offer positivity, to show an alternative perspective, present our options differently, to see it for what it is, something worth saving – rather than destroying. That is what I have always tried to express with my music. Overwhelm the fears with my sound. I try at least, to make a minus into a plus.

NN: Why did you come to NYC, is this your first time being here ?

Phyllis Josefine: I came here to meet a lot of internet friends/artists, i never saw IRL, but especially i came here to see Orrin. My love living oversea in NYC. Lets say,this is my first time realizing this culture.

NN: What makes you one of the individuals included in the #NVRMNDKIDZ collective ?

Phyllis Josefine: I am Zero-Minded.

NN: What does Zero-Minded mean ?

Phyllis Josepfne So, what Zero-Minded means to me is, I posses the ability to feel the way in which I would like to go psychically or spiritually, these senses are in-tune with my physical consciousness, I feel or I sense where I am going to go next.

… also that with being Zero-Minded we have more mental strength in our body than just the mind, our spiritual heart is another one. Almost an organism in itself, working with others, like influences. It can teach you, by telling you more than you think, while you learn to embrace the emptiness of your mind, then allowing yourself the will to understand the other mental strengths of your body, as well as the soul. It is the one that feels the whole, not influenced by exterior human systems.

                                                                                                             CC: Stefanie Heinzeller

NN: You are a musician ?

Phyllis Josefine: No, music is more a diary for me. i see borders in all the media we have yet. its not enough to fulfill the attention of the new generation. i want more than music, video, photography or whatever i already was playing with. when i don’t express myself into every possible side, i feel creatively limited. i want to and i need to do waves/music. everything we perceive can be seen in waves, so music is the new border i am overwhelming. our body is expressing so many things everyday, he is talking with every move he is doing. i want to control them and make them to an experience. dada


NN: When did you begin the project D A D A ?

Phyllis Josefine: It was beginning in December 2014, the first track on this “album”  was indeed my first track I ever made, so they all chronically made within the last months.  I don’t see it as an album, more a diary, and I do things whenever i feel like i should.

What sort of equipment are you playing on ?

Phyllis Josefine: I play with ableton, my little keyboard, my voice, after effects, final cut, and my mind *wink face*


NN: You are also a model, correct ?

Phyllis Josefine: Not really, i am mostly modeling for friends, or when someone asks me. I just like pictures, and i am honest that i appreciate my being. some cute little labels took me to model for them, but i really don’t take that business serious.

NN: What exactly do you do?

Phyllis Josefine: Its not exactly is so easy to answer that. Yes, I model in certain occasions. I am also a videographer, & digital graphic assassin, although right now i am laying out the design of the GOLDMUNDT website, & our newest collection. So at the moment the most of my energy goes into GOLDMUNDT.

CC: Thomas Lecheler

NN: when do you begin creatively thinking in all these fields ? I have heard rumors of a collection you’re currently creating with a partner (whom) called Goldmundt. Can you explain that to me a bit further ?

Phyllis Josefine: i actually think about those fields all the time. Trying to expand borders, always trying to connect things and fields of myself and others.

GOLDMUNDT. is a big part of me, also I am the Creative Director. Alexander, a friend of mine founded it in 2012, and i am part of it since 2013. I was doing all recent Lookbook photography from the start and i am communicating with our collaborating artists , after choosing them. To that I am creating a  layout for the website. The website is already coming to life, we are so excited to release it. I also did a video for our first collection, a year ago. I really invest a lot of love and time into this project. It will flourish soon.

GOLDMUNDT. is doing all-over-print shirts, sweaters & possibly bags, in near future. With our new collection we are working with artists from around the world (Russia, Brasilia, Germany, NYC etc). This will build a step to connect us to a lot of creative minds alike and to do lovely collaborations with them. – Phyllis Josefine

CC: Thomas Lecheler

GOLDMUNDT. stands for art, collaboration interdisciplinary and community. We do not want to work as a self-working label, incapable of reaching out. we want to build a network of artists and interested people to build sth bigger. we welcome everyone who finds a way to get in touch with us positively and are always open for ideas. The idea of GOLDMUNDT. evolved from a small scribble book somewhere in Bavaria, and became a project of Alexander. The founder of GOLDMUNDT.

NN: Care to share some of your philosophical side with us ?

Phyllis Josefine: My philosophy is me not being an object, a whole you can find and it stays. we all a process, in the now we are something, something that human describe as something, but nothing stays. our cells die and renew, everything of us and around us is a process of a big whole, that also has another big process in another big whole. My strength is being able to adopt the “new” finding new inches and ways to make something out of it. I will not be the being you know in a few months. some things stay, but I will not promise anything and will not promise at all. I feel the way. thats what I also mean with zero-minded. we have more brains in our body than just the mind, our heart is another one. an organism in itself, working with other influences. It can teach you and tell you more than you think. Learn to embrace emptiness of your mind and you will understand the other brains of your body. the soul. It’s the one that feels the whole, non-influenced by human systems.


D V D V – Bandcamp

D A D A – Soundcloud



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