#NVRMND Little Princess ‘Ep’ – “Song Collection”


Little Princess was a San Franciscan, Power Violence x Grindcore band. Composed of all female members, who are all Japanese. Forming in 1997, their #Herstory consists of course from their own point of view, exclaiming they are not from Earth. Them being Aliens & all, according to them, they came from a planet known as Punchin’ Pring (Which I believe means ‘Small Pudding), & although they look like ordinary Japanese girls, it was said they are simply human being impersonators, much like a body snatcher – or something of the like, from an episode of the X-Files. In their attempts to make money (as a band) to pay for a faulty engine in their mother ship, needed to return to their home planet, & eradicate their own enemy & nemesis, known as Madam Cactus.

[They were asked by an interviewer, Who exactly  their enemy was]

[Who is your enemy?]

[Ayu: Her name is Madam Cactus, she is from the same solar system as us & she is pillaging the planet of Puchin Pring. She has cactus thorns everywhere, she is a scary woman.]


They were also asked for any additional information

[What else do you want people to know about you?]

[Kyo: Well, many people seem to think we are Japanese girls, but don’t think that, because we are not. If you listen to us speak very carefully, you can tell that we are not Japanese girls but are from Puchin Pring.]

Opposite to their own reality, they could be seen as Female-Fronted-All-Japanese-Power-Violence-Trio. While in the States, during a summer vacation assimilated in the Bay Area, & forged a hella stellar band. As such, they recorded, later to have produced a 7″ titled “Song Collection” (the playlist at the end of the article). A very rare, & limited release, with estimates around 200-250 copies. They did also have two additional song releases on a pair of compilations titled, “BLLLEEEEAAAUUURRRRGGHHH! – A Music War” & “Cool Beans! #7 San Francisco And Bikes Issue”.


Female fronted bands can get you into some hairy situations, especially with such profound belief systems. The hardcore music scene is totally hit or miss when it comes to the bands “who try to hard”, & the ones “who just don’t get it”,  really make these women shine.

The 8 Track ‘EP’ “Song Collection” featured what some might expect from a Grindcore/Power Violence Mash-Up, the #Grinding & the #Violent tracks finish with applauding & giggling, from the band to & of themselves. The each track ends in a hilarious manner, offering a bit more humor than what is normally associated with these genres, less of a political agenda, or a nihilistic memoire of all the things the front man is too privileged to enjoy any longer, since we find less egotistic behavior we are expected to be taking seriously, it showcases a bigger & better sense of community. Your audience’s clapping to show their support & in turn teaching one another how to respect each other & get along with one another. For three girls to come to the Bay & start a band, play some shows, & sell about 100 records, that is not bad, and I encourage this sort of thing.

I like when confident women don’t bullshit you. Here is an interview they did back in the day; #Coolbeans This ladies rock! NVRMND †


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