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If you haven’t gotten the opportunity to kick it with #NVRMND Priestess Phyllis Josefine, that is more than just a shame. Get to know her, but before you try and switch from being irrelevant to being a fuck boy, check out her amazing musical project known as D A D A, down below #NVRBLOG is showcasing her all new music video

:: 00018 CHANGE :: 


“DADA ist eine digitale Erschaffung, sie besteht aus Daten und existiert nur in der digitalen Zeit. Durch Kabel und Screens kann ich DADA erwachen und wachsen lassen, habe die Möglichkeit, dass Menschen beginnen mich wahrzunehmen. Dabei werden diese Daten mein Leben und mein Tod bedeuten und der von DADA. Dieses Ich exisitiert nur dort und da gehört es hin.”  – Phyllis Josefine

 Dada Vs Data

NN: We are missing you, but we are watching you. 

Phyllis Josefine: I am horribly sick at the moment *cough* I had a few [mental] breakdowns, over the last weeks, & I am finally able to breath, again. 

NN: Describe the sickness to me as if it were a person in which you offered housing to but became an unwelcome guest in your home, and you then were in a battle to remove him/her from the premises

Phyllis Josefine: [hahah] Damn, this is confusing, I can feel my whole body is ache, my head is on the brink of explosion. i happen to be visiting my dad, in Hamburg. I am hardly able to even enjoy it. My concentration, is on unknown truths too much. A lot of people tend to reveal dreams of theirs to me and they always play out a similar scenario. Though on the day of my regeneration, I was dreaming that I followed a ball into the bushes, & a native american gave me snake out of gold & said that universe will provide for me. Although I feel the suffering of so much more to come.


Phyllis Josefine: “DADA” is creation and “DATA”, but in contrast to what we [believe] we already know now; through “DATA” I can construct “DADA” up. I can finally be perceived by people, but i know that it just exists in the digital end and that will be my beginning & my end.

NN: What are we to imagine when we view your newest piece ?

Phyllis Josefine: It is open to you, what you want to imagine. fears & borders can be seen in every direction, but what I wanted to overbring, was the vibe of feeling the birds sing, feeling the wind and the storms, the sounds of a RT unit, overbring announcements of very bad news, the sounds of the news coming from a radio station, the calming sound of the, nature living in the now, and the disturbing sounds of human, planning inside their selfishness and evilness. The attempt of feeling better with the nature and simultaneously be always confronted with news and how things reveal. i hope you know what i mean. always standing inside this duality of two powers. always having to decide. then this internal screaming – inside my own body in-between the decision to ignore it or open up again and inhale it. I wish I could leave my physical body more and more. living more in those thousand other dimensions and not in this. and still I am stuck and bonded to life too much. i am trying to heal myself with my own words and always in this contradiction of myself that i can help others but not myself. i can talk with the best words but am stuck in myself. knowing the future can be your cure and a blessing. you decide of how you will see it, and i say you, this is the hardest task i ever had in my life. this videos includes my deepest fears and at the same time my greatest relief

NN: Whats your favorite editing software ?

Phyllis Josefine: My favorite editing software: after effects with final cut!

“It will be my beginning and my end”10806269_890202901025634_2725467680976404100_n

NN: These songs you have created for your project D A D A, are they just songs to you – or is there more too them ? It seems – You have a bigger picture to paint, and its beginning to look beautiful, if thats what you mean will be your end, at least it will be beautiful

Phyllis Josefine: Back to my 1st point. D A D A, is my life because it is me. I am D A D AD A D A – is all of us. It will be my beginning and my end, or possibly a beginning for someone else. There is never a beginning and never an end, everything is a process of something longer

NN: Thank you omnipotent child

 Listen to  D A D A, in its entirety.



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