Mike Textbeak interviews Jesse James Alexander about his recent transformation from his  FoxxyNewport identity to DJ Sailor Saturn and his new mix for NVR MND. 


TXTBK: Whats the reason behind the DJ Sailor Saturn name?
DJSS: I became DJ Sailor Saturn because when Saturn drops her glaive the world is reborn, I try to do the same when I DJ.
It's a different entity from FoxxyNewport. Another persona.
TXTBK: Will there be remixes or music from DJ Sailor Saturn ?
DJSS: Possibly. I am starting to teach myself production through hardware. I want to at least create live remixes for my sets. I am also working on an all hardware project under the name Grave Digger.
TXTBK: Have you been doing events as DJ Sailor Saturn or is that upcoming?
DJSS: I have been. I've been DJ-ing since August and loving it. It's a whole new way to get involved in the scene. I'm currently trying to get a monthly set up in Los Angeles, prior to my move there this upcoming Summer.
TXTBK: Whats the inspiration for the move to LA? Is it more financial or artistic?
DJSS: Both. I've been in the bay my whole life. LA is where I'll finish my education, get new challenges, build new communities, and grow in every sense of the word.
 (Pictured with RADAR at Crate in Downtown Oakland, October 16th 2015)

TXTBK: What are you pursuing in school? Is it a hard balance finding time with a busy music schedule?
DJSS: I want to be a crisis councilor for suicidal youth. Primarily in the LGBT communities. Having had my own dances with suicide and losing a trans identified sibling to it it's very important to me to do my part to ensure that never happens again.
TXTBK: What can we expect from the FoxxyNewport project?
DJSS: Foxxy is going somewhere else. I have had that name since I was 17. From playing my first show in my dad's garage to playing the same underground rave as Pictureplane. I never would have envisioned it would go where it has. I am sending him somewhere else with love, and cherish Mr.Kitty as a friend and mentor.
I'm very excited to be re-releasing Neutral on Analogue Trash and have it heard all over Europe. Some of the remixes on it are very next level.
TXTBK: Nice! What is the expected release date for Neutral?
DJSS: The expected release date for the International Edition is February of next year.



Mike Textbeak

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