Trippyland Slo Mo x MF MADARA's - "Soulless Duo" #NVRLISTEN


Trippyland  Slo Mo x MF MADARA's - "Soulless Duois the second release I will be reviewing at least featuring MADARA, who previously went by the name "BASED JESUS DA DEMON" (I for one am very glad for the name switch), this particular 8-track album sounds like Odd Future circa 2009 mixed with attributes of Bones and a demonic energy  dwelling from beneath the Earth's’ surface.

The album makes use of several elements to bring about a feeling of forced discomfort creating an almost drug like effect in the music. The producers utilize "negative space" and lone piano guitar samples or instrumentals along with some pretty random anime samples to craft this dark-intoxicated landscape for which the MC's live on.

Take the song LightsOut which starts off with this lone guitar dreary almost funeral dirge of a tune eventually leading to the 808 trunk-shakers and skittering hi-hats; upon which the MC’s rap about death, taking the souls of mortals as they have fashioned themselves into some kind of demon on this album, and indeed in their respective personas.  

This album comes across like it takes a lot of inspiration from Earl Sweatshirt's’ latest effort - "I DON'T LIKE SHIT I DON'T GO OUTSIDE ", with its stumbling beats skittering sounds sonical reveling in the ambience and darkness.

This comes through on the song "GoToSleep", which is what would happen if you gave a typical trap beat a bunch of DXM and set it loose in preindustrial Tokyo. MADARA raps in a stream of consciousness about whatever comes to his mind, particularly fucking bitches and being a shinigami (for those of you who have never seen Death Note, it’s Japanese for “God of Death”) but it never truly sounds like he actually gives a shit about this stuff he is talking about. Mostly, it is the lackadaisical way he delivers each of  his bars.  I could be wrong, but it sounds intentional.

MADARA delivers as usual, on the other hand the artist Trippyland whom I had actually never heard of till now luckily balances the act by creating  a nice hazy landscape for you to put on, get really stoned to, and just think about killing everyone - then yourself too. Recommend.



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