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It’s Eclipse Season! Get ready for MAJOR CHANGES, because eclipses always shake things up. March will feature a Solar Eclipse on March 8th in Pisces, and a Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 23rd. A Solar Eclipse represents a New Beginning in each of our lives, while a Lunar Eclipse represents an ending. The Solar Eclipse in Pisces is going to be very important, because it will be speaking to Jupiter. On a collective level, this is a time that we will be called to create a more compassionate and loving world. However, with Jupiter standing across the Sky from this Eclipse, we will have to own up to injustice before moving forward.

I believe that on a global level this will be a time that we are called to mend foreign relations, and we may find that the Refugee crises is coming back into the media’s focus. We will see more clarity regarding some of the international conflicts taking place. I also believe that this eclipse is indicating that we will continue addressing issues of racial; cultural; and ethnic inequality. I can’t speak for the entire world, but here in the United States, we have been making major stands against racism fueled by the media; legal system; and culture in general. This specific Eclipse could very well speak of new developments surrounding the fight for equality. The Lunar Eclipse in Libra is asking us to find a balance between self and other. On a global level this will likely be a time that we will be realizing that something must change in relation to the way we assert ourselves. This could be a time of realizing that we must need to work together. Overall, March is a month of balancing self-interests with that of the collective.


Aries: This month is going to be very important for you! March will be a time of MAJOR reflection. You may feel compelled to retreat from the public, in order to do some distraction-free soul searching. What you learn about yourself now, will be important for you over the next 6 months. This is an excellent time to begin preparing yourself for when the Sun enters your sign, and all of the action begins! As the month progresses, you will likely see a new partnership (romantic/business/best friend) forming, which will require you to release the need for complete control and independence. Conversely, this could possibly be a time that a relationship ends, but only if it is no longer serving you. This is a month of striking a healthy balance between self and others. 


Taurus: March is about connecting with your dreams, and determining what you wish to accomplish. Do you know where you are heading? If not, then this is the time to figure it out. You may find that you are connecting with a new social circle, which will be able to help you move closer to your goals. Look for opportunities to express your creativity to the world. As the month progresses, you may feel compelled to live a healthier lifestyle, which may require you to let go of some negative habits. Be as honest with yourself as possible, and determine what is not longer serving your best interests. This month is about thinking big picture, and setting yourself up for future success. 


Gemini: Get ready for major changes! You are likely going to see new developments taking place, which have the potential to move you closer to success. Some of you may find professional opportunities showing up, which require you to move to a new location. You will definitely want to consider this thoroughly before making a decision, but it could turn out beneficial for you. As the month progresses, you may feel called to have fun after spending the first part of the month working hard. This is an excellent time to take a break from some of your responsibilities, and to live it up (however you define living it up). Find the Balance between immediate gratification, and working to ensure long-term happiness. 

Cancer: This is a time that your beliefs are likely to change. You may find that a new understanding of spirituality is emerging within you. This is also a time of considering how fact and faith relate to one another. Think it over. Some of you may also encounter circumstances that require you to move to another location. If this is so, then wait until April to actually move if at all possible. Later in the month, you may see professional changes taking place. It could be that you are looking into potential career paths that would require you to move. This could also just be that changes in your professional life are causing changes in your home life. Finding a balance will be essential. 


Leo: March is likely going to have a financial focus for you Leo. This is a time that you will need to be very careful with your finances, because you could easily acquire debt if you are not disciplined. You are also one of the Signs that I would highly advise to wait until April to submit your taxes (Taxes are due on April 18th here in the USA). The financial energy is too unstable during March for such activities. As the month progresses, you will likely feel called to rethink some of your ideas, and to consider a new perspective. A new philosophical outlook is likely to emerge. Some Leos may also encounter circumstances that present them with a chance to move to another location. There may also be a chance to go back to school. 


Virgo: This month is going to be big for you! March will be a time that likely features new beginnings in your partnerships (romantic/business/best friend). Your partner may make some big changes, based on your influence in the relationship. Essentially, you will inspire someone you are close to make big adjustments, that creates a new start in your bond. If you are single, then this could be the time that a new relationship begins. As the month progresses, you will likely feel called to make changes in the way that you handle your money. You may be establishing joint resources, based on relationship changes that occur earlier in the month. This will also be a good time to gain a higher sense of self-worth. It is incredibly important to love yourself. 


Libra: March is going to ask you to take your life more seriously. Any area of disorganization will have to be corrected, and this will become very clear early in the month. You may feel called to improve your health, and this will be the perfect time to start a major overhaul in the way that you maintain your well-being. This is also a good time to embrace changes in your professional life. You may want to start working towards a higher rank at work. As the month progresses, you will likely feel called to take a look at your relationships. You may find that a greater level of balance is needed in order for you to have a healthy partnership (romantic/business/best friend). This is a time to strive for equal amounts of give and take with your partner.


Scorpio: March is the time to get your creative message out to the public! You are being called get in touch with activities that bring you joy, and that utilize your talents. This is also a time that love may be in the air for you. If you are single, then this month can feature a lot of dating. Some of you may even begin dating a friend. If you want children, then March will be the time to get busy in the bedroom, because you are extra fertile right now. As the month progresses, you will likely feel called to rest, and this will be a good idea. When we don’t take a break from the stresses of daily life, we get burnt out, and sick. This is a month to try and get that extra hour of sleep every night. You also may want to begin addressing any subconscious behaviors that are no longer serving you.


Sagittarius: Changes are scheduled to take place on the home front Sag. You may find that moving to a new home becomes a topic of conversation this month. This may also a be a time of considering a move based on your career. However it plays out, there will be changes taking place at home, and you will want to embrace this. As the month progresses, you may find that love is in the air. For some of you, a friend may start catching your eye. It may well be that changes in your friendships and love life are the incentive for the possible move that I mentioned above. Overall, this will be a time of embracing change, and letting your heart lead the way.


Capricorn: March is a time of mental stimulation. You’ll likely be learning new information, and sharing your thoughts. You may feel called to question your beliefs, and make sure that they are still in line with your current understanding of life. Sometimes we find that our beliefs must change in order to keep up with our circumstances. As the month progresses, you may need to address your work/life balance. Working hard is a good thing, but only if your home life is also enjoyable. Striking the proper balance can be difficult, but it is something that you should work towards this month. You may also be able to do some career planning from home. You may want to work on developing your professional skills from the comfort of your living room.


Aquarius: You have big financial opportunities this month Aquarius! This is a time that a new source of income can show up for you. That being said, you may be inclined to increase your spending as well. If you find yourself making big purchases, then I highly advise against purchasing items on credit, because you could quickly wind up in debt. Focus on earning and less on spending. As the month progresses, you may feel drawn to think bigger. It will be time to embark on a quest for knowledge, which may have you questioning your ideas about life. Allow yourself to change your mind, because the information you learn now will help move you in the right direction. Look for opportunities to exchange wisdom with others.


Pisces: We are having a Solar Eclipse in your Sign this month! This is a HUMONGOUS opportunity for you to create positive changes in your life. Essentially, this is like a rebirth, which will allow you to become whoever you wish to be. It is time to envision your ideal life, and begin moving towards making it a reality. You will have to put yourself first now, so anyone who is negatively impacting your life will have to go. As the month progresses, you may need to let go of some of your joint resources, and move towards a more independent financial state. Contrary to popular childhood sentiments, you don’t always have to share everything. This will also be a time of learning to care less about what other people think of you. It is time to find a sense of self-worth that is free from the influence of others.








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