i m m i g r a n t - WORK DETAIL #NVRLISTEN

Released February 28th, 2016 on ANTIFUR, WORK DETAIL is presented to be the HardVapour ECCOJAM, and "i m m i g r a n t" seems to be proficient in diamond penetration. 

Each shift is a lamented meditation on how late capitalism and mass consumerism have affected us. Poll those who barely notice: how do the subtle effects of corporate-approved jingles drive the inventory management experience?

Stockroom elves know the bounty of detailed labor.

Plentiful are the mending aural idiosyncrasies of outdoor ambiance. A purpose fulfilled by overlord metrics and debt slavery,  (00:25) shapes the soul like the shop work symphonies we hear when we're fostering honest drudgery. There's a time and a place for everything, so why am I looking for a box cutter? The deadpan shards of licensed hymns aid the recollection of our borrowed divine motivation: gods, masters or naught. Nothing seems to get the human condition moving quite like feverish Top 40 Hits and variations of caffeinated regret.


Perhaps our ancestors used the stone etchings in caves as an ancient method of profit planning.  (05:09) croons with the romantic promise of designated away time, the ritual leave of absence that always seems to occur just before you've been outlined in chalk.


 (02:00) squarely confronts the big band joviality of rarely having enough time during the longest, most coveted rest period. This sacred time is necessary to entertain thoughts of our fleeting humanity: emptying our bowels, refilling our bowels, letting the trid occupy our phone arms, or browsing the latest Reader's Digest.


The return to the depths lashes like a temporarily transplanted young lady who finds wait-room amusement hitting older folks with flimsy plastic broomsticks. Those delightful moments where you catch yourself giggling but you don't know why, followed by the bulky realization that you're mentally all over the place. A moment to marvel at the heights one's mind reaches while enraptured by the hive task list.


Regardless of tune pitch or collar color, Moneta's favor paints breadwinners from bio-batteries. 

Eventually your given melody sprites reveal the vicious cycle, and time distortion guides otherwise useful workflow resources back to a bitter but necessary existence.

 When a worker ant wanders from its colony, it is merely seeking better returns or collapsing from overstimulation? We leave as if we don't take the work home with us, in our lungs and in our pores, but the return trek welcomes deep breaths of open air and intimate purpose.






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