L4 is a journey within a imaginary world created Maaker #NVRPREMEIRE

The latest visuals from experimental artist and label owner Maaker. L4 is a journey within the imagination of Maaker; set to release his new LP '€₩₩£♡V€' via Gammanh Creative the multimedia creative agency he founded in 2015.

"€₩₩£♡V€ was created more like a screenplay. I usually structure albums that way. I like to visualize a world for the music. I began drawing up concepts once we came up with the cover art. Baron Lanteigne and myself threw ideas back and forth with the album's visual direction we both agreed the body morphing was a great idea."

"The €₩₩£♡VIANS are a special set of people existing only on their home planet. Harnessing many special abilities one being their nature to stretch the body like frequencies. Like my other projects 'Makology & Mada' it has a very futuristic vibe for lack of a better term. I guess one would call it outer worldly."



Calente Cardwell

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