Directed by Brian Agamie
Co-directed by Abdu Ali
Song produced by JPEGMAFIA
Single off the mixtape 'MONGO' releasing April 2016

Free DL song here: https://goo.gl/hrPYyY


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Q & A


NN: What has been the biggest struggle for you as an artist/performer being from Baltimore ?

Abdu Ali: Being from Baltimore is a struggle when trying to hustle as a musician. If you aren't in major cities like LA or NYC most of the music industry gatekeepers don't care for you that much. You gotta hustle extra hard to get media coverage and nonlocal shows. But at the same time being from Baltimore is cooler than being from NYC. Lol. 

Nome: I personally don't like separating Hip-Hop into sexual preferences but for the sake of the artists (like yourself) who are cutting out that niche, what do you believe your affect has been on [queer] Hip-Hop ?

Abdu Ali: To be honest, I don't know. I think I won't know til years later.

Nome: Where do you see it progressing ? I have educated it can be hard to get a hold of certain performance spaces in Baltimore why do you think that is / You are planning an upcoming tour aimed at east coast and south, has that been a challenge, if so, how ?

Abdu Ali: It's just really hard getting solid shows for tour or any shows. With the digital world taking over, show biz is being hurt because people don't value live performances as much anymore and also it's really hard to get people to come out to shows if you don't have a big name or any clout. It's just a hustle trying to organize a good route and lock in certain dates and get into contact with hella people you never met. So yea. But once it's done it's hella worth it though.

Nome: You founded the Magazine True Laurels, is that correct ? What is your mission with this publication ?

Abdu Ali: That's not my magazine. Lawrence Burney is the editor and founder. 





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