Feeling like I was in a scene from #Delirium an in after hours in Los Angeles on Halloween. I sat in a chair towards the end of a room somewhere Downtown. A friend sits next to me. A free drink and chemicals are flowing through me when I see a boy/girl duo walk to the stage to set up. Smiling He sips from his drink then says "Here comes the Gabber - "Crystal Castles."


That band was Xultur.  Made up of prolific LA Nightlife fixtures Sarah Toon and James Powell. Their newest song "Shut The Fuck Up" Is pure gabber bliss. A colorful low-fi video capturing the spirit of Happy Hardcore meets Pee-Wee's Playhouse on meth. Needless to say the NVR BLOG staff loved it. 

Xultur plays frequently in the Los Angeles area and will be making a #rare Bay Area appearance at The Eagle SF March 17th (With local talent Forbidden Colors and Canada's Essaie Pas).




Jesse James Alexander


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    That video is awesome.

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