#NVRKRWZ 187 MOOCHIE SAYS ❤ HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY ❤ w/ NVRM1X 58 [X-clusive Interview]


from NVR MND & Tawni Staples


Do you produce music ?
I actually don't (lol) - that usually freaks people out when I meet them, they are always like "Wait, what do you mean ? So you just like DJ ?", and "You get booked to do that , you don't have like 2k+ soundcloud followers?? BUT HOW!! " I recently invested in an AKAI MPD26 midi, and a friend of mine sent me a cracked version of ableton, but I've had so many shows going on that I haven't really had time to sit down and start teaching myself. I'm sure once I do start producing I won't share any tracks I make for a year or longer, whenever I feel confident that I'm actually producing something worth listening to. 
I have heard to of your previous mixes before, and they are wonderful! What is your protocol for shaping your favorite tracks together ?
Thank you! I mean obvious typical dj thing I take a look at all the bpms of the tracks I'm using and then try to set them all for the mood I'm going for or feeling. For recordings I make at home I try to pretend I'm making a mix cd for someone I have a really big crush on.  For live shows I mostly play it by ear and go off of the vibe I'm getting from the crowd. 
You have a nvr mix releasing soon as well, correct ?
Yes I will have a NVRMND mix coming out on Valentines Day <3 and tomorrow morning I'm having 2 separate one hour long mixes on Mike Textbeak's radio show TXTBK's CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG3 on futuremusic.fm that will air 10am-12pm PT. The first mix starts at 10 and is titled 'The Party' it's a recap of most of the trap music I've been playing in clubs the last few years. And the second mix that will start around 11am is titled 'The Afterparty' which is a mixture of chill music I listen to on my downtime, moreso something I would play at an art show .
Where do you play ? Anything lined up for Spring/Summer ?
-I ran a weekly 'Kreamy Mondays' at a bar called Black Book for about 9 months after I first got involved in the pdx scene . I'm playing Valentines Bar in Portland on the 29th for THIRST TRAP with my good friend Princess Dimebag. I'll be playing my first show in Seattle this Valentines Day, still waiting on details for that one but I'll post about it on my facebook/instagram once the date gets closer. My final Portland show before I move back to LA will be FAK Wednesdays on Feb 17th at Euphoria Bassmnt. Currently I don't have any solid bookings after that but I'm planning my move to Los Angeles in March so I'm sure I'll have some dates down there once I'm settled in.
You are also a photographer w/ a very raw medium, yes ?
Yes, I shoot instax polaroids, I have a blog which I upload all the scans into (istoleursoul.tumblr.com). BITWVLF actually helped me pick that name
How long have you held that, well - focus ?
I would say I've been a photographer, most of my life. I used to steal disposable cameras from the Vons, behind my middle school, and take pictures of my friends in our surroundings. In high school I took photography classes, it's just always something I've had a deep interest in. A few years ago when instax came out with those new fuji instax cameras I copped one in pink, and have been shooting with it ever since. My first project, "100 Faces of Portland", showed at a small art show last summer. I plan on doing 100 faces of Los Angeles and hopefully other cities in the future. 
Care to share anything about your personal life, like what do you like to do in your free time ?
Besides photography, music I really don't leave my house much. People get this idea of me being this wild and crazy party girl who goes out every night, but unless I'm booked for a show I hardly go out unless it's to support a homie on occasion. I'd usually rather watch X-Files eating pizza in bed with bae than try to muster up energy to go out. One of the reasons why I became a DJ was so I'd have something to do at the party. I'm pretty outgoing - but I still feel socially awkward at times in a party setting, which is something people would never expect to hear from me.
I've spent a lot of time in the last year manipulating my image online, making memes, using my sexy body to brainwash "normie freak bitches" w/ my feminist beliefs, tricking people on facebook into giving me money and making the best damn crunchwraps in North Portland $
You, and our music coordinator are friends, no ?
Yeah, I totally have played a few shows with Textbeak & BITWVLF in Portland for MOOD RING which is hosted at Lovecraft Bar every 3rd Tuesdays. Love those guys!!
Are you from PDX ?
I'm actually from a suburb "right-outside of Los Angeles, CA. I've lived in Portland for almost 2 years.
What are you hoping 2016 brings ?
Positivity! I'm all about ironic positivity this year (hoping after a few months it will just become general positivity and that the goths will still accept me) last year was all about memes about how I wanted to die or that I was literally a trashcan but this year I'm following DJ Khaled on snapchat, taking his advice, waking up and telling myself how smart and talented I am in the mirror and never ever looking back on the old me. 




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