Madison René Knapp is the supreme voice behind MRK release new single "Wicked Game"

♚ MRK just released a new single that we are thankful to allow you to listen to down below, suprisingly it was accompanied with a gift. She also wrote something for her family/friends/listeners and supporters, take a look 

Photo by Gina Canavan 

An Entry via MRK 

" I have yet to meet anyone who lived through the 90s that did not find
this song and music video wholly arousing. It sticks.
Buddhism believes that desire is suffering.
Buddha was not completely wrong in this. 
I believe that suffering is the way we try to fight pain, to avoid
crucifixion, to defy mortality, instead of embracing life's opposing
truths. Desire lives between pain and ecstasy, heartbreak and wish
fulfillment. Desire is a transiting moon, or, as the French call the
twilight hours "entre chiens et loups" (between dogs and wolves).
This beautiful contradiction is so plain in the lyrics, its refrain
doubling back on "I don't wanna fall in love" with "No, I wanna fall
in love". This yearn lives in Isaak's vocals and that long sliding
guitar lick. I wanted to make my own expression of that languid
infatuation because I find myself feeling it all the time. I fall in
love daily, in the grandest and smallest of ways. Everyone has and is
capable of such complete beauty. It's astonishing.
No desire has to be as complicated as we make it seem, but this is a
type of chaos that calls to us, appealing to our need for egoic
satisfaction/understanding or conflict. Our dreams, whether actualized
or unrequited, become subject to this tunnel vision of wanting. Even
our repulsions engulf us in a kind of deep fascination or can grow
from an unconscious obsession.
We all want love, but living in a world that teaches absolute
individualism and breeds self victimizing habits means that we will
often choose to learn what we truly want the hard way. I know I do.
Love has beat me up, broken me spiritually and left me for dead,
pining. I'm still untying love's knots in my threadbare heart. This
task may never end, because where there is life, there is love. And
where there is love, there is pain. But pain is only a stagnation in
energy circulation, and it can be exonerated through kinetic force--
what Alejandro Jodorowsky calls "psychologic."
I've been trying to open my pain and listen to what it needs without shame or fear. If my emotional pain wants me to die, for example, I can imagine and create
that death in actions like singing or meditating. If a physical pain
wants me to cut off my leg, I can draw or write it.  Everything that
makes us human is built to experience these fluctuations in
fear/pain/joy/lust, they are essential to our being; but when they are
not viewed through an inwardly and outwardly loving lens, their value
to our lives becomes distorted or altogether invisible. We reduce it
all into categories of what is "good" to feel and what is "bad" to
feel and believe ourselves to be completely helpless and alone when
faced with unpleasantness. 
And in the end I hope that you do/ don't want to fall in love with my rendition of this song." 


Madison René Knapp is the supreme voice behind MRKThe producer Alex Arias devised this soothing pulsing synth track lead by Madison's' dynamic vocal patterns. Her lyrical content is gripping & telling; what she does is allow for an a very unique listening experience with a diverse variety of sounds added with such a subtly. More than just music, has a strong sense of spirituality. It was originally written and recorded by Chris Issak. MRK is on Records Ad Nauseam.





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