Maluca describes her music as “ghetto-techno, Latin-dance, hip-hop, rave music”


A Dominican powerhouse born in the Bronx and hailing from Manhattan, Maluca describes her music as “Ghetto-techno, Latin-dance, Hip-hop, Rave music”1. Similar to how her track “El Tigeraso” brought the merengue inspired fire, “Mala” delivers a bouncy mash-up of steel drums, house beats and aggressive rhymes.


The bilingual banger inspires memories of 90's Eve announcing herself as the baddest in the room. “I be that M-A-L-A/ Holla at me,” Mala sings at the chorus with equal strength as she spits the verse. By the second listen, I was ready to sing along. Her eclectic influences make for a layered and interesting style, and experts of electronic dance have taken notice. A self-made artist, Maluca has toured with Robyn and been featured on “Que, Que” by Diplo and “Love is Free” by Robyn.





Kara Phoebe

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