Blame Venus - Porcelain (Official Video) #NVRMNDUS


It's quite remarkable how fast "trends" pass some of us by, it is also quite remarkable how those same "trends" sew deeper roots in parts of the world you may or may not initially expect them too. Witch House may have had a half life shorter than a troll in the United States, but in places like the Ukraine & South America we have a different phenomenon.



The case with Chilean duo Blame Venus, brought together by Andy Gun (formerly Violence) & Lou Rave whom have been curating their sound since 2011 (the two met in 2010), and unlike many traditional Chilean musicians they do not fall along the same line with a significantly integral focus specifically on a darker electronic sounds.  What we find here is something completely unique in that sense, these electronic artists have been able to execute a persistence with their tracks, filling them with some surprising resonation. 


["Special thanks to Maina Herr who features in the video and who inspired us."]


To see what was known as Witch House continue growing is ironically heart warming, as I am sure like minded supporters of the genre can see a particular fractalization in design that may resemble some of their sister duos such as Crim3s, but that isn't truly bad thing; rather it's quite the contrary. Pick up a Copy of Porcelain. 


 Directed and produced by BLAME VENUS. 




Calente Cardwell

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