Hacking For Freedom by Flash Kostovich acts as a vaporwave junkie's cottonball for a syringe filled with hardvapour.  This is what comes out of the gateway to the frontlines of the war on a world that knows only "softvapour".  Kroko Krew (and various vaporwave regulars) stroll the grey path with meditations regarding our most gross of concerns: the freedom to do as we wish.  

Dream Catalogue released this record on January 7th 2016, claiming to have made a deal with Vladyk Predovitch himself, who released it on the ANTIFUR bandcamp December 20, 2015. The sound of a modem connection will always be dear to my heart.   

[Dial-Up] begins the injection as a seizure born in Sasha's cries of eternal conflict with the interconnected world.  Is shitposting really something to be worried about? 

[Weak Broadband] uses Kroko Krew's Yarky as a crutch to vigilantly mutter along as one would while severely inebriated near a dark freeway.  Did we cut too many corners dodging sketchy tails, or are we merely attempting to locate a vital cache? 

[Glitch Hop] is Vaperror's infiltration of Hardvapour with a digital-lock heavy Tetrisphere bob for the unrecognized social hackers keeping espionage alive.  How will the pieces they touch affect the structure of their environments?


Coined "Digital Jawbreaker"  [From GamePro, May 1997, p.171]
VIT  [from Kroko Krew] ignites the laboratory power surge that is [CS 1.6 Break]. The listener's veil is unexpectedly lifted at a net cafe terminal, struck with a feeling of isolation caused by their own epiphany, yet finding comfort in acceptance as a mere mortal among the ignorance of surrounding patrons.  

[2 Late] distributes the tardiness with Sandtimer, who released the prolific Vaporwave Is Dead in late 2015.  This track viciously scores the data-extraction milk runs, which find your primary keyboard cowboy disabled by dump shock, throwing your entire crew into a state of emergency.  

Browsing the webs yet listening to only a handful [Virtual Dream] caused me to review all open tabs as an act of reassurance that I was still listening to hardvapour.  Perhaps this is what plays when you sneak away from the dance floor at your friend's spot to scroll your social networks and sip on hydrates.  I mostly blame HKE, not that blame is necessary: it's refreshing.

Accompanying those successful 'just reboot' fixes, [Coding @ Dawn] recruits t e l e p a t h テレパシー力者 to level concerns regarding the effects of sleep deprivation on souls who're up in the early hours extracting usability from the multi-lingual abyss that is human-machine communication.


This year marks the 30th anniversary of The Conscience of a Hacker (aka The Hacker Manifesto), written after its author was arrested:  

"Yes, I am a criminal.  My crime is that of curiosity.  My crime is that of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like. My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive me for." -The Mentor  


A computer is the result of the establishment of systems, therefore hacking is the ability to manipulate an established system to one's will.  As our species exponentially increases reliance on the endless databases of our collective consciousness, hacking has become a necessity of the common computer user.  Our social networks have allowed us to penetrate proximity barriers by finding dialogue in similar interest across the globe.  Regardless of the type of system we are hacking, whether it be a social grouping, a retail coupon program, a government, or our own lives, I hope we are hacking for freedom.





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Calente Cardwell

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