NAHS Sonic Technologic Aggression A Quick #NVRLOOK

NAH January Cassette 2016

Nah is an experimental electronic punk artist originally from philadelphia but has since located to brussels and has been since 2012. This demo simply called January 2016 cassette and is the part of series of cassettes available for purchase on his label Ranch Records.


Starting this demo off, the track 'noonewanna' sounding like a deepcut of death grips performing the Akira soundtrack chopping up samples of a choir over smatterings of sirens and heavy inconsistent drumming turning into a loud cacophonous mess, (by definition involving or producing a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds: the cacophonous sound of slot machines, for example), that just puts you on edge. While NAH himself screams "No one can talk" how apropos. The song continues as the syncopated bass synth runs concurrently through the track like Kaneda does on his motorbike, through Neo  Tokyo just as it burns down around him.

The second track called 'weight' is a lot more streamlined and accessible with a much more pronounced beat, although neither of these tracks are anything that mainstream audiences would touch with a ten foot pole.  The syncopated synth xylophone, played with organic drums over nearly the frantic shouting all leading into one giant release makes this track a delight and makes me wonder what how a NAH show would be.

The demo gets it in, does the necessary damage and gets the fuck out with the synth and drums mixed against punk chants and sampling, which in all, really does something for me. It showcases for me the power and resilience of pure human aggression in a bleak dysto-cold-calculating computer world of our own making. Would listen to again and again.




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