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 Eco Futurism Corporations appears to be many things, although I believe we can agree that this label dedicated to artists such as LORD Ø, HERBARIUM, tropical interface, SHYQA, Gem Thee, & soullets whom produce (what is being herald as) "Eco Grime", presents much more than just a bunch of over saturated sounds rehashed from a familiar experience. We have seen replicants of similar creations, in the past few weeks. In the shapeless dynamic which we exist a bit abstract media reconnects me to certain truths, in audible form. My first few listens introduced me to something unconventionally dynamic [unless you're a practitioner of meditation, or eastern medicinal healing], not in terms of production per se but rather - "application".

There is certainly no absence of fluidity, from the parade of gaseous chimes & symbols that expand into bright & vivid chirping echos of birds & insects. Tides pushing/pulling in splashes of waves crashing. Each sound used in a very versatile way to trump the samples used before the last. The production is meshed up well. It allows for very exciting and easy listening, I think it could be played in the against club tracks, from jersey club, to baltimore and footwerk artists. We shall see where these artists take their sound, but I believe it would fit nicely in some others hands as well. Take a listen to...



Q & A

NN: Eco Futurism Corporation is a fairly new record label, isn't it?

EFC: Yeah, label was founded just a few months ago, but now we have 3 release in catalog, many singles on soundcloud and big plans for this year.
The inspiration for the creation of the label were the latest releases Music for Your Plants, Al Tariq, Old Manual, Drippin - it's all summed up in "Keep The Ecological Future Mix".

NN: May I have your names ? 
EFCLORD Ø, HERBARIUM, tropical interface, SHYQA, Gem Thee, soullets - all of them is participants of #ECOTEAM. 
NN: Where are the members who socialize under ECOTEAM based ?
EFC: Metamodern ghetto - Zhitomir. 

NN: The label has a very powerful futurism element, how did that come about?

EFC: This is due the fact that new wave of grime strongly relative with futurism's aesthetic, sometimes cyberpunk's conceptions. It's expressed in samples from cult films of the future like "Blade Runner" or "GITH" and ends with the title tracks. From the other side, eco futurism have a positive outlook for the future, utopia, the opposite post-apocalyptic and alternative to cyberpunk. We suggest another way... but we now not so popular. 

NN: What similarities if any do you feel exist between Naturalism and Futurism?
EFC: First of all - visually. Have you ever played Crysis? Do you recall Masdar City

NN: What sort of potentiality does social engineer J. Fresco bring to music with such utopian ideas that have surrounded the label, and are shaping it up to what it has already begun manifesting as?
EFC: Well, I generally think that roots of such ecologist utopias unconsciously existed all this time in the field of eastern way of harmony with surrounding against western anthropocentrism, which crystallized into architecture, infrastructure design, human relationships and many other things, including Eco Futurism Corporation. Just want say that for me it wasn't the starting point, but it also inspired me. 

NN: Do you believe the "Venus Project" J. Fresco, is as palpable a concept as an actuality, or is the grey area somewhere you wish to continue dwelling, amidst the concept?
EFC: The ideas of this project for the most part utopian, that may be true for a very narrow branch of the peoples who decided to live in this eco-city, that refused of monetary system. His purposes in the modern world, in large areas that are soaked by capitalism seem naive, not to mention the fact that real. 

As for the objectives of the project are close for me, i would like the embodiment of many things in life, referred to in the manifesto, for example: the rejection of national ideas, improve the overall level of education population and, of course, save the planet! But to us need some kind of a global push. For example, the final exhaustion of oil resources.
NN: Any releases plan for 2K16?

EFC: Soon we release some stuff: tropical interface and SHYQA. And then by Gem Tree. 

Collect compilation "Ecomodern vol. 2" by theme of eco collages. Also we wait publication of mix #ECOTEAM, where will be a lot of unreleased material, so there is only exclusive label tracks. This is minimum until the summer. 

NN: How does 90's Science Fiction cyber hunter Predator fit into this situation?
EFC: Represent that Predator symbolized "eco" (king of the jungle) and Alien symbolized "futurism" (spaceship). The most interest for me and our label in intersection. It's passage for the nature sounds and grime beats with futuristic atmosphere. We called this Eco Grime. 


Calente Cardwell

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