#NVRFUCKWITH NФΔH 23 The Enigma, THE 23 GOD's Latest Diss Track

Do not fuck with a legend. Just don't.

Music isn't supposed to be a competition, there should be room for all artist. But when some new bitch is running around and running their mouth sometimes you gotta do something about. Enter Noah, who we here at NVRBLOG love.

If you're selling mixtapes out of your moms hatchback don't say shit about Erykah Badu unless you're singing her praises. And if you're running around Guelph thinking you're hot shit, don't ignore Noah23. A living legend some of your favorite musicians like Pictureplane used to listen to in High School. Noah never stops, and on 23 he revives the oft-ignored art form of the Diss Track to but a fuccboi in his place. Noah dances around the beat, the flow of a warrior. Never missing a rhyme and making it sound like he did the entire song in only one take, and did a perfect job because that's what you can can do when you're a legend. 


Jesse James Alexander

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