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There are (of course, "not enough") but many amazing female leads, this is by far one of them. Oh, you must have heard of Youryoungbody, especially if you're from the Pacific Northwest. The female fronted duo formed in 2012, YYB (Killian Brom and Duh Cripe) from Seattle, Washington, have been surging waves around the PNW for years, featured in annual festivals for performances, and even on the infamous 'KEXP' radio station for live performances, as well as scoring a slot on the stations own blog for a mix Music That Matters: Shake Shake.


Their 5th release since 2012, titled Betrayer became available on August 19, 2015.


Great! Now you're caught up. Duh and I became acquainted on the 8th of December. We both attended the Health x Pictureplane show at Neumos in Capital Hill. We discussed independent female artists & musicians. The potentiality of their struggle from behind the scenes responsibilities, inner workings of their performances, public perception vs the medias'. It was a very brief but illuminating interaction. Since then YYB has still been in touch. On their behalfs have granted our readers access to stems used on their track "smuther", which you're able to listen to at the moment. Of course this is a great gift for producers, and supporters of YYB to make some awesome remixes, enjoy!


"Stem Pack download"


Q & A

NN: What led you (Duh & Killian) to forge this musical identity known as YourYoungBody. What exactly does the name represent?

KB: Honestly, I feel like neither of us thought too hard about creating an identity as Youryoungbody, we just both loved creating music and our chemistry clicked. The name was made up from a friend and I watching too much “To Catch a Predator” and riffing off the creepy screennames.

D: As the years have past we’ve shortened the name to YYB and both are interchangeable for us.

NN: How long have you been a group?

KB: A bit over 3 years now.

NN: [For Duh] You go by a different name, other than Emily - correct ?

D: I started going by "Duh" as a joke after changing my name on social media. I was surprised when people started calling me Duh in public. It’s quickly become a name I have used to separate myself from youryoungbody and at the same time feel a connection to the band. If people don’t know my real name it’s not the end of the world. I’m sick of people needing to know everything about everyone, anyways.

NN: Where are the both of your from ?

KB: We actually grew up right down the street from each other in Sammamish, a suburb outside of Seattle. We never knew of each other until after we finished high school though.

NN: You have an [upcoming show] on the 5th of January, where will that be held ?

KB: This will be a cool show at Vermillion on Capitol Hill. It’s with our homies Zoolab, Dream Journal, and Soft Horizons. I am bringing my PA to make it xxxtra loud.

D: I’m really excited about this show. We happen to be friends with a lot of the musicians playing. It overall makes the show feel genuine and very supportive.

NN: Anything lined up as far as a tour?

KB: We both just finished up school recently, and are looking to set aside some time to tour. We’re thinking a sweet west coast loop.

D: We have recently discovered that it’s actually cheaper for us to just fly for a west coast tour instead of driving. So I’m personally excited about racking up those air miles.

NN: Who would you most be interested in playing alongside, ideal venues/locations  ?

KB: There are so many cool groups I want to play alongside. Dreaming big of opening for Nine Inch Nails since I was 10. Really hoping to play with Shabazz Palaces in the near future.

D: I’ve been listening to the new Enya album like daily. I would love to open for her. As far as a venue, selling out Madison Square Garden alongside NIN wouldn’t be too bad.

NN: What defines you both as artists, or is your art what defines you?

D: I don't think either of us has figured that one out yet.

NN: Plans for Full Length / EP / LP release ?

KB: We’re working on getting together a Full Length record. Almost all new stuff, but also some revamped older songs.

D: I think the biggest thing for us at the moment is making YYB more tangible.

NN: Do you ever compare yourself to groups like Crystal Castles, Crim3s, or Grimes ?

D: Honestly, it’s a huge compliment to even have bands like Crystal Castles and talented women like Grimes come to mind when you hear our music. But we definitely try not to compare ourselves - less pressure.

KB: I feel like we have carved out our own niche as we’ve progressed. as

NN: Most exciting experience as a performer thus far ?

KB: I always romanticise our early house shows where our gear would catch fire and I could swing off chandeliers, but we recently played a sold out show at Neumos which was pretty surreal.

D: I was in an Uber and the guy was playing our new album Betrayer. I just kind of froze and couldn’t say anything. It was so cool!

NN: Did either you or Killian see the new Star Wars film, are either of you fans even ?  (I personally prefer Nightcrawler, starring Jake G... but w/e)

KB: I didn’t think I would like it. But it was fun and sounded great.

D: Love Nightcrawler too! I went to the 7am premier viewing of Star Wars in 3D IMAX. People were cheering when characters from past episodes would emerge, booing at Kylo Ren, it was super interactive and I loved the experience.

NN: Where do you see Youryoungbody in 5 years ?

KB: Just getting out of rehab and most of my teeth are missing.

NN: Do either of you smoke [weed] - if so, what is your favorite strain ?

D: If I am going to smoke it has to be a strain high in CBD. It’s a pleasant high and helps with anxiety.

KB: I like smoking these Juju Joint things. I’m not good at being stoned with people though, I just get weird and leave.

NN: Most influential musicians ?

KB: This always changes, but right now I am feeling a lot of older Ed Banger records. Those came out at a really influential time for me and I keep revisiting them.

NN: Favorite Live Instruments ?

KB: Right now I run Komplete Kontrol which has amazing built in MIDI features I and recently picked up this Roland Octapad SPD-30 that I run through some huge fuzz pedals for live percussion.

NN: Highlights of 2015 ?

KB: Seeing HEALTH and Pictureplane at Neumos and then playing that same venue soon after was really cool. The live in-studio we did at KEXP was really great too. Big ups to Sharlese and Cheryl at KEXP for making this year big.

D: Agreed. Whenever we can be apart of KEXP events it’s always memorable. Getting my kitten Silly Beans has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in 2015. Being loved by something so tiny and cute feels amazing.

NN: New Year's Resolutions?

D: I have no New Year's resolutions. Im perfect.


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Would you to hear more from this group, head over to their bandcamp to have a listen at what they have been cooking up in the lab. 



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