365 The 1st Year of D A D A, created by Phyllis Josefine #NVRMNDUS


Musician, Artist & Designer Phyllis Josefine, featured on Vice's Creators Project for her D A D A - 00021 ALIEN video, owner of her own fashion line GOLDMUNDT. has constructed a compilation of all of her music videos for the project D A D A, and all of its epicly glorious proportions. Over the course of about just a years time we have bared witness to her visual repertoire grow in various ways. Stunning conceptual realities brought to life on the datasphere, or should I say DADA sphere. Josefine is a DADA fundamentalist, if not advocate - slash - aficionado. I would suggest by all means, reaching out to her, and allowing her voice to lull you into a dreamscape of enlightened self reflection. She is charming to say the least, but what would you expect from someone who operates on the purest intentions - no pretense.  



 "I am me. I am many"

"I am the screen you are staring at, because i control your thoughts right now. I am the feeling of curiosity, i am inside a satellite out there in space, sending you this data. And you watching this data. I am everywhere. I am your screen, your hands, inside your head. I am the pain, the fear, a creation that creates. I am life and death, everything and nothing at all."


Calente Cardwell

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