Emerging from the underground, anime based Trap Rapper Gemmy #NVRXCLUSIVE


Yung Gemmy is a fresh artist in the emerging sub-genre of underground anime based trap/rap. Styling herself as a sort of rogue anime character straight out the kawaii-trap, she spits sick flows and produces great beats to the enjoyment of anime fans and fans of hip hop alike. WIth only five or so solo tracks released she along with compatriots Josip On Deck and  hentai dude are owning the whole internet thing that makes me go "where were you guys when I was in high school?" I caught up with her last saturday night to get her thoughts on music global warming anime and her plans for 2016.


Q & A

NVRDAD: How long have you been making music, before the soundcloud and bandcamp, was this something that you've been working on or did you simply just say "I think i am going to make kick ass Kawaii-Pop/Trap music?"

GEMMY: Well I've always been making music growing up , but I didn't really exactly develop a style until late 2014... Even until now I'm still finding my style.

NVRDAD: Do you have any musical contemporaries or past people that have really inspired you? You drop Lil B's name a few times (I have #based tattooed behind my ear, btw)

Gemmy: Ayy! Yeah, Yo Lil B inspires me so much and he supports so many young emerging artists too. His music keeps me positive especially that Giving Up Remix off thugged out pissed off

NVRDAD: I thank based god every night before bed, but your most recent track sounds like an alicia keys or aliyah

GEMMY: That luv me 4 me track I put on Soundcloud was just a cover of something, I decided to do that because I wanted to practice mixing vocals haha it turned out kinda aight so I decided to put it up :+]

NVRDAD: It really really did.

GEMMY: Thank you ^3^

NVRDAD: you also worked with josip (on deck), how did that happen or is just being in the anime rap game thing

GEMMY: Yeah he's cool AF, lol everyone always be talkin mad shit about him but I love how he reacts to the hate he gets he really just doesn't care lmao that inspires me too

I've always been a big supporter of Josip even before I was putting my music out on the Internet, we became internet friends while I was only known as an anime and video game cosplayer at the time so yeah I think it's just the anime thing hahaha

NVRDAD: Whats your current anime watches. I haven't watched anything current in a while...

GEMMY: Yeah [haha] I actually haven't been watching anime much at all recently, im only watching the essentials atm like obviously one punch man

NVRDAD: I have only heard good things

GEMMY: I watched some Monster Musume, Shokugeki no Soma. Oh Yeah, One Punch Man in godlike lol

NVRDAD: My favorite animes are head fucky. I have a Selee (from evangelion) tattoo.

GEMMY: That's cool AF !!

NVRDAD: Who would you want to collab with like if there were no restrictions. Ideally producing, rapping, singing, or anything.

GEMMY: Yung Lean,Tkay Maidza, RiFF RAFF, Kali Uchis

NVRDAD: So your 18 correct? How long have you been cosplaying?

GEMMY: I'm actually 17 lol !! I've been cosplaying for about four years now :+] My first cosplays were Pokemon characters but nowadays they're kill la kill and Street Fighter.

NVRDAD: Before I just end up talking about anime for fourteen hours with you, I would like to know what you have planned for this year?

GEMMY: [Lol] Well, I have a new music video/single droppin' VERY soon! It's called CUTEST IN THE GAME. I also have an album planned to drop halfway thru the year. Also I am launching a merch store soon, oh and a touuuurrr yay

NVRDAD: You say the video is dropping soon how soon ?

GEMMY: January 15 !!

NVRDAD: Is this album your debut?

GEMMY: Yes this is my first album

NVRDAD: You have to come to seattle when you tour

GEMMY: I'll try come thru :+]

NVRDAD: You're in Australia, is it true that everything in nature is trying to kill you there?

GEMMY: Yes especially in summer which it is right now (b/c our summer is in your winter), Yeah it's cold and icy outside right can't even take my daughter outside. I wanna experience snow one day lol I've never seen it irl!!!

NVRDAD: You're young you'll see it eventually

GEMMY: Truu if global warming doesn't burn the earth real quick !!

NVRDAD: Well I mean yeah

GEMMY: Wowie interviews about global warming with Yung Gemmy!!

NVRDAD: Your favorite thing you have done so far music wise?

GEMMY: So far is that sunsets song I put up on soundcloud, I'm honestly not proud of my other music, like at all [lol] But I'm working on new stuff and hopefully I'll be happier with it, as I said earlier I'm still developing my style rn..

NVRDAD: Lastly what's your all time favorite artist anime and video game?

GEMMY: Would a band count as a fav artist, b/c  if so I would say that band the Internet is my fav band. My favorite anime would be definitely samurai champloo, I loved the music in it so much too (rip nujabes), my fav video game would be super Mario 64 just b/c nostalgia

NVRDAD: I was 9 when that came out. Im old

GEMMY: I don't remember how old I was but I remember playing it on the first DS lol... And then everyone else got the DS lite and I'd go to sleepovers and all we would all be playing nintendogs and all the other girls has a DS lite and they'd look at my DS and be like wtf is that lol it's so heavy ;-; I think I was like in 1st grade or something

NVRDAD: Oh god, I might have been 21, when that came out.

GEMMY: Lmaoo



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