Our First #NVRLOOK at 'HardVapour' :: Vaporwave Is Dead #NVREVIEW

What Does Death Sound Like?

Jan 1st, 2016 :: contributing author NVRMerry ::

Released on Dream Catalogue; a "Record label, installing dreams into your brain, est. 2814" as DREAM_0, following DREAM_116- By an artists known as 'Sandtimer' on December 9th 2015. This record heralds the death of a "meme genre" - so self-reliant it feels the need to kill itself in order to stay alive.

Many of the tracks are littered with bits of our futures read to us by the synthesized throats of artificial intelligence. Vaporwave Is Alive in particular has children provide stark consolation regarding the future of ghost societies. In contrast, the track Vaporwave Is Dead sings with organs and firearms weighing heavy on hearts in the church of last resort.

War and Chaos Of The Void feel like suicide scouts for what is introduced as Hard Vapour, an aesthetic of sweating hard at a dance party held at night in the middle of Chernobyl.

An Ode To Vaporwave (RIP) radiates in a shrine of healing amidst the ruined halls of former civilizations' vapour ... via vintage VHS tape; the rain washes away any overflow of new age transcendence without drowning its visitors in disabling euphoria.

:: Tracklist ::
01. Prepare To Die! - 00:00
02. Recycle 2 - 00:24
03. Vaporwave Is Alive - 02:48
04. The Hunt Is On - 04:30
05. Ambient - 06:17
06. Public Service Announcement - 09:16
07. War - 11:22
08. Chaos Of The Void - 13:38
09. Clichéd MIDI Interlude - 16:36
10. Hydra Spawn - 20:35
11. Vaporwave Is Dead - 21:48
12. A Message From Flash Kostovich - 23:34
13. Welcome To Hardvapour - 24:09
14. An Ode To Vaporwave (RIP) - 26:38
15. The Architect - 30:05
16. End Credits - 33:47

The Architect gives wise words from a creator, including "the birth of a new day - but finally, End Credits provides something really to take notice of, while sitting across from a Johnson in a shaded corner booth, reviewing handwritten schematics by the strobe lights overhead against the faint glow of a smartphone.

Also Recently, nanosmusics released a manifesto hailing a rebirth and spoiling every original intention of conspiracy for this text.

"You will meet me,
under the dust,
where the tree of life once stood.
This world is out of time,
and now it is mine,
...prepare to die!"

"On the fourth anniversary of the birth of vaporwave, we are delighted to inform you that vaporwave is, at last, dead.

Welcome to the new era." - DREAM_0

 When I wrote this it was all pretty conceptual, I'm still not sure what hardvapour - is, but it's a term that our community started using with the release of that record, and had alluded to "it" being a prominent sound in the contemporary London scene, will it splash across the cybersea to the states, we will just have to wait and see. For the sake of not solely repetition, but also understand, in my opinion - at least vaporwave is a very conceptual type of art, I look forward to writing poetry that attempts to expand on those ideas and concepts as they develop ^ ~ ^ kiki emoticon







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