Ray Ray of Smoke One Ent presents,"Raisin Hell" from the mixtape Hellaween 2

Today I am clearing out my to do List preparing for the New Year and all I have planned for you people merry X-Mas fools.

Ray Ray of Smoke One Ent presents,"Raisin Hell" from the mixtape Hellaween 2

This one was in my box brought to you from the same Label as ‘BASED JESUS DA DEMON’, aka Shini Madara

Ray Ray of Smoke One Ent released this around Halloween the banging opener off his fire mixtape. Hellaween 2 mostly influenced by the Atlanta Trap/Rap style of Hip Hop. Ray Ray has a cadence and certain punctuality to his rhythm and rap technique that is slightly manic. The vocal production is so on point, perfectly syncopated; you can’t not bob your head along with the beat. Ray Ray is rapping about murdering and generally fucking shit up. Produced by Carnage (not quite sure but I believe it to be that carnage. This track borders the likes of Zaytoven or Lex Luger song, complete with a spooky synth line that would feel at home in an 80's horror movie with that a heavy - heavy floor shaking beat. Loud enough it would move asses in a strip club. Ray Ray plays the villain in these songs on taking on a stance of murder-violence, from inside his mind, we hear him relishing in the darkness which is just great! This song is just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to the dark themes and music this mixtape has so much to offer in terms of its stylistic realm. It is a perfect gift for those with dark hearts. This producer is a personal favorite of mine, and will be returning in the future on NVR BLOG™.




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