NVR MND Presents : A Close-Up With Trap Sade

Trap Sade

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Trap Sade has been on our radar for quite some time, ever since we cross paths back in BX, when I was working as a videographer for Charlie Sheena (at Sheena's apartment), where I had the opportunity to be a stowaway as I continued working with her over a period of a few months. 


Through Trap I was introduced me to some other key players, different lanes, same realm. I was fortunate enough to have a small underground party based around the concepts behind Dom/Sub role sexual role play, hip hop, and grime music, that party was called Subspace, to facilitate a few performances from her, and other artists. Such as Issac Shane, Kane Groceries, Awful Records, and of course Trap Sade. There were others, but our focus is of course on her. 

She recently released a new music directed and edited by @STEAZETHEALIEN the photographer, videographer, designer, stylist, model, and artist all in one. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York. You may have seen his work before via VFILES (or otherwise). You can follow Steaze on his Insta & YNGX17 a Hip Hop artist affiliated with Goth Money Records (777) & Produced by Baker Phonk, infamous for a lot of Post-Devil-Shyt styled tracks. All under the moniker Schemaboys x Schemagirls Watch Below...


Trap Sade - Movin Bricks 

I have been away from NYC for about 9 months, but we recently had the chance to catch up, and come to find out she has been living in Los Angeles, going back and fourth to NYC and there. Working a number of things, and hustling just the same. If you wanna know more about Trap read our brief Q & A down below. 

Q & A

NN: Where does the name Vianey come from, it's indescribable ?

Vianey: It's my real name , I was named after my mom & in French it means princess 
NN: But you go by Trap Sade, is that correct ?

Vianey: Yes, I'm currently going by Trap Sade, but as of January I'll be using Vianey Sade 

NN: Where are you from ?

Vianey: I'm was born in Paterson, NJ, but raised in the Bronx and Paterson since my parents were separated...

NN: What has propelled you to this point in your life ?

Vianey: Struggle, pain and money.

NN: What does music do you for, and how do you think your music affects other people's emotions?

Vianey: Music makes me not do crazy shit, it reminds me that I have talent and need to stay positive so I can continue my future, honestly I think my music relates to a lot of both women and men. I speak about shit that happens everyday.

NN: What’s it like going from the BX to Cali. Do you happen to miss NYC ?

Vianey: It's pretty annoying having to balance both lifestyles and frustrating as well. Having to deal w/ two different environments. I miss New York all the time because there's nothing like my city. Everything's 24 hours, unlike LA.

NN:  I remember you bringing Kane Groceries into Subpace a little while ago, you too still closely affiliated - is there any music you’re planning on releasing together  ?

Vianey: Yeah , actually we're not close at all anymore time passes shit changes and no actually we won't be releasing anything.

NN:  How long have you been a musician ?

Vianey: It's about to be 2 years. I've been taken music seriously, but I always worked on stuff since like 17 years old.

NN: Where do you hope your career takes you ?

Vianey: I just want longevity from my career, as well as money. Just wanna show that you don't gotta have a certain image to make things happen.

NN: What is your pitbulls name ?

Vianey: Aw, my baby's name is Luther Van Gogh.

NN: Do you have a favorite strain of pot ?

Vianey: I like Indica, and the strain is called Jack Frost lol

NN: Who are you voting for ?

Vianey: No one. Fuck the government, that shit corrupted but, I hope Donald don't win I hate his ignorance.

NN: Most influential musicians in your life ?

Vianey: Gucci Mane , Max B , Remy Ma, Lil Kim , Nipsey Hussle & Curren$y

NN: Who are you most looking forward to working with, produce with etc ?

Vianey: I'm dying to work w Trapaholics, Metro boomin, & 808 mafia
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