Adra an emerging Techno musician in San Francisco, California...

In a age where House is the new black, Molly is the new Blow, and whiskey is the order comes something fresh out of the woodwork. 

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With elegant composure, beautiful energy, and a sound you crave we at #NVRBLOG invite you to Plug in To Adra. Her equipment list is vast, using Push 2 controller, Micro Korg, Korg DW 8000, custom modular synth, Yamaha, TX1Z,TR-8, Yamaha rhythm station, & a Cyclone bass bot.

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” - F.H. 

JJA: I like to ask every solo artist this question. Who is Adra? Are they another facet of your persona? Are they you detailed in the purist form? Do you "plug in" to Adra when you create/DJ/perform? Or is Adra always present?

Adra: For any creative person, myself included there is a "plug in" moment that takes place. As Adra I disappear into what the future might be. Adra what I'd imagine life for her would be at different time periods or dimensions going on for that affair. Her life is unlike any other.. Without going too in debt or weird. I guess the answer to your question is yes, in that respect is another "facet".

JJA: It's no secret that San Francisco's cultural wealth has been deteriorating. A mass exodus had been already in route when I moved to the area in 2012. How long have you been here? How have you seen this change? Does it inspire you? A few years ago when I was recording tracks at my apartment in The Mission I felt an odd sensation. Like one of the only stars in the sky. Do you ever feel that way?

Adra: I've been here almost 11 years. I am comfortable with change that is positive and beneficial to the community. I wouldn't necessarily say San Francisco has "tremendous change" happening. As much as America, in general, is suffering from the distribution of riches. I feel equal and connected to everyone as well a disconnection. I see peace in my solitude, I harvest my own positively to hopefully be a part of the change of consciousness. Many masses are moving into forward thinking it truly inspires me on a daily basis.

JJA: Your "Fear is the Mind Killer" EP is brilliant. Anything else in the works? We're eager for more. Any plans to tour? Additional gigs in the area?

Adra: "Anything else in the works" for me means do I have money to put something out properly now? Thus my next release will be in January. Holding true to SF with another local producer remix will be included. For gigs I am simply playing what my friends throw at me right now. I take on the LDL holiday party here after that off to LA for Minimal Effort NYE.

JJA What are some things do you draw inspiration from? Any particular artists, films, paintings etc.?

Adra: Science, UFO Files, 3D Graphics, Modulators, Noise (things that make noise), Machines, Knobs, Buttons, Science Fiction

JJA: Where did you grow up and what motivated you to call San Francisco home?

Adra: I turned up in Las Vegas. Moved here when I was 20 for change. Fell in love with this city, the holder of hearts.

JJA: Where do you stand on the Hardware VS Software debate? What pieces of gear do you use in your current set-up?

 Adra: I like hardware I don't use samples or software much because that is challenging for me. I stand on everyone should manage it however they want.

JJA: Even though FITMK is your only release, you deliver a certain professionalism to you. Your sounds have this legacy to them, this isn't your first rodeo with music is it?

Adra: Everything is "new" but solely because it's been observed for the first time by others. The first track on my EP I made close to 3 years ago at this period. I'm learning every day this truly is a lifestyle I've sustained, making music is just what I do. I have my day job, come home and jam out till 2 or 3AM start all over again the following day.

Adra: Nevertheless, this last year a dear friend of mine really inspired me to release music. That's when I made the choice to focus on techno I relate to it as an artist.

JJA: Where would you like to see Adra in the next year? Next five years?

Adra: Producing a lot, for movies or cartoons, art performances... I want to hopefully be touring at that level with a really beautiful live show.

JJA: In your opinion, how is "The Scene" out here. Do you feel The Bay Area has the tools for success for aspiring Techno/House musicians and DJ's?

Adra: So much talent here, many of whom I possess the honor to call my friends. Yes and yes the tools are here if you have the energy.

JJA: What is your first memory? Does it have any special meaning to you?

Adra: My first memory that comes to intellect is going to work with my mother. She worked in an ice cream store at that time.

The memory is quite exceptional and special.




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