"This Place I Call Home"; Kodyak's 5th Release #NVREVIEW


TEAMSESH : Kodyak - This Place I Call Home

Track Count: 9  Runtime: 32:05
bandcamp: bit.ly/1NcOG9Q
mediafire: bit.ly/1lHTlt3


This is a tape of beats and aural landscapes by a Teamsesh contributor and for the most part it is a pretty standard Teamsesh release. 

When reviewing a tape of beats it requires a different approach as you can't measure them as songs per se you have to think of them as what they are which is incomplete pieces of. In order to more accurately review this beat tape I have broken it down into three distinguishable categorial qualities; Structure, Feeling and Uniqueness.

On every one of these you will find a heavy live instruments that seem to have been sampled, such as; a mandolin, a pedal, steel guitar, and even an electric guitar. These instruments play these some soft melodies in increasingly repetitive and successive patterns as the drums get louder, intricately with the occasional breakdown; which is where a bridge would be placed by an emcee. The snare roll will occasionally pan back and forth which caused me to feel this great binaural sensation in the back of the brain. Stimulating.

The feeling within these "9" is pretty similar to familiar to material with Trip-Hop and Ambient roots. Another sesh producer that has a kind of dreary malaise falls on all of their tracks, like Nightfall. All of the melodies and rhythms indeed trying to illicit an emotion from the listener and while some succeed others fail. Although when they succeed they can inspire a bit of a head bob, maybe even serenity, but when they fail they just made me bored with a fury.




Does this release do anything new, is it unique?

Besides the occasionally interesting drum tricks and a very few interesting melodies, not really no. It's not a super special or incredibly important  worth your time to listen to? Yeah, possibly if it's background music, but if you are just gonna put it on at a party or even just listen to in the car I would say pass. it's fine but like not something I am in a hurry to listen to again.

[The exception the Bones track "",  is by far some of the best I have ever heard out of the rapper in some time now and this particular beat pattern arrangement compliments how hypnotic their voice perfectly along with Kodyak's atmospheric production]

For fans of hip-hop/rap ambient bear experimental sesh California....






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