A New Genre Birthed By Kevin Hussein


Damn! I’m so hyped on this track. When A.Z. first posted a handwritten track listing of her Broke With Expensive Taste album this one was on it and always allured me. Azalea has this strength and candor about her, I feel like she can make anything hypnotic and sexy. Unfortunately this one went MIA on the album, but not forever. Kevin Hussein, the producer and other vocalist on the song has decided to put this one on his album, and it’s steamy. Hussein is describing his sound as “Cybersoul” (His new LP is even called "CyberSexual”) and he delivers on all fronts.

The trancey warped synths as Azalea coo’s “I don’t need ya, I’ll spend time alone.” gives this such a decadent and cold feel too it. Like lounging in a clawfoot bathtub in an all white room, sipping the best wine and thinking of your regrets. Something about it just strikes a chord in me, peep this one and Hussein’s forthcoming album. Stay tuned for a release date, and all updates on this new genre, and movement. 


Jesse James Alexander

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