Weekly NVR ASTROLOGY (11/29 - 12/5)

Hello Friends,

This week has three major events taking place. We start off with The Sun meeting Saturn in the sky, which happens only once each year. This indicates that we will be starting things off on a serious note. When you add in the fact that the Sun will also be speaking with Neptune, it becomes clear that this is a reality check. We will collectively be seeing things clearly, which were previously nebulous and hidden. This is likely to be represented by a national leader making a public statement about the global conflict we are currently going through, which will finally give us a clearer understanding. On an individual Level, we will each be called to take a serious look at where we have been fooling ourselves or not seeing things clearly. This will be the primary energy felt for the beginning of the week. As the week moves along, Venus will be moving into Scorpio. Venus tends to feel a little unhappy in this sign. Venus in Scorpio wants to possess, and therefore we may see a collective focus on ownership rights. We will have to remember the value of sharing. This will heighten as we end the week, because Mars will be speaking with Pluto in a conversation of tension and conflict. With all of the conflict going on in the world, I worry that this is indicative of increased military action. On an individual level, this is likely to represent us each taking action as a response to something we have been dealing with for a long time. We will no longer desire to sweep an issue under the rug. This week’s sky is indicating that we all will be seeing matters clearly, and standing up for ourselves. I advise that we work with this energy, and proactively address any issue we have been ignoring—otherwise, we will likely be acting on raw emotions.

Aries: It is time to determine what you actually believe. What guides you in life Aries? You may find that you are unable to tolerate being controlled by anyone, and this may result in a conflict with someone in authority. Find your personal freedom in a way that doesn’t shake up your life too much. Know yourself.

Taurus: Analyze the give vs. the take that you experience in all of your relationships. Are they equal? You likely will see these are not properly aligned. You may feel a struggle taking place between your higher values and the way you live your life on a daily basis. This needs to be addressed.

Gemini: You will be seeing your relationships clearly now, and will notice that the people you associate with impact the direction of your life. It is time to make sure that this is a positive impact. You will be experiencing a shift towards loving the work that you do in life.

Cancer: Clarity about the job is emerging for you Cancer, and you may be taking a look at the way that schooling enters the picture. Some may realize that to get a better job, they need a formal degree. At the same time, you will see a focus towards the things in life that bring you joy.

Leo: Are you enjoying life Leo? This is a question that you really need to reflect on this week. What brings you joy at your core? If you aren’t really loving your life, then it is time to consider some big changes.

Virgo: Many of you will be experiencing a wakeup call in the context of your relationships. Do the two of you live life in a similar enough way to be happy? This is a hard question, with no easy answer—but it has to be asked sometimes. The relationship will need some work, especially if you live together. This also a time to watch your spending carefully.

Libra: You will begin to see your work in a clearer light, and will have to decide if it is serving you well. This is a time to consider if your knowledge is being used properly on the job. You also will have to keep a tight handle on your finances, because your bank account may seem to have a mind of its own.

Scorpio: You have a major wakeup call scheduled in regards to your career and finances. This is a time to decide if you are earning enough money with your current position. This is also a time that will require you to consider a job which calls on your unique skill set, rather than unskilled labor. On a positive note, you will likely have extra charm and grace, as Venus is entering your sign.

Sagittarius: Can you being do more Sagittarius? This is a really good time to consider if you are living up to your potential. You are very supported in making changes that will lead to greater abundance and success in your life. Be all that you can be.

Capricorn: This week is going to show you all of the ways that you are standing in your own way. You are being called to take an honest look at all of your self-sabotaging behaviors, and to get a handle on them. Spend time alone evaluating such matters.

Aquarius: Take a look at your goals, and determine if you are doing enough to make them happen—you’re not. You can always do more, and this will be something you notice over the week. Your career is going to see some very positive developments, but you will have to work even harder to take full advantage of them. Pay attention to the company you keep as well—some of your friends may be holding you back.

Pisces: You are scheduled for some major clarity in your career and life direction. You are starting to see exactly what you want for your life, and you are noticing that you will need to modify your behavior in order to achieve your goals. Think big, and make sure that you aren’t holding yourself back.

Your Astrologer,

Taylor Kohl


Calente Cardwell

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