A Deep #NVRLOOK At Seattle's Own U(nity) D(iversity) F(reedom) & Unreleased "DUSTFUNK"

UDF is a Hip-Hop collective / record label that is actually from Washington, my home state and seemingly based in places that I have grew up in. They mainly showcase the darkest, syrupy and dare I say "evilest" sounding hip hop this side of the country. today introduce ourselves we we are going to take a look at their most current release "Unreleased Dust Funk" a collection of (you guessed it) unreleased tracks from various members of the collective.

The album begins with a song by Skull and Bones titled 'Mac 10' with a beat by Blue Sky Black Death, which sounds a cool mist falling over gravestones in front of a church, then opens up with the line "...this is music for that columbine.", and generally sets the dark and morose goth-rap tone for this album. The lyrics suggests a lot of empathetic emotion towards the Columbine kids and other people who actually fantasize about murder.

The thing with UDF is they seem actually sound like they know what they are talking about, maybe the members actually have some first hand experience with these sorts of experiences, be it the hook in the next song 'Still Silent' from the "Thelemic Principles", a nod to Aleister Crowley. The Crowley aesthetic we see repeat itself in a few of UDF images. Does this artist believe he is in touch with the late alchemical poet and philosopher or his demonic companions. 

The album does take a much more subtle approach (in terms of instrumental styles), for the next one '3 5 7'.  Producing a minimalist, modern "trapstyle" beat, with the artists rapping about killing themselves slowly with drugs and murdering - which is nothing new but spit by these kids it sounds as if they have grown to be jaded and numbed by it. In the best way possible. The track 'I'm A Dirtbag & My Momma Ain't Proud' they choose to take an introspective look at themselves. Over this instrumental with reminiscent sounds of the Golden Era of Hip-Hop, albeit distorted enough so that it seems dead and buried, or like I was saying - jaded.

The next track by Bolo Nef -'Law' is a different one to pin down with a weird and middle eastern sounding beat i am gonna have to give this one a few more listens before I can accurately pin it down. The lyrics are something Aleister Crowley would have done if he had been a rapper.

Caz Greez brings a pretty standard affair for the next track beat by 'BSBD' but the track after with a beat by Ryan Evans, which sounds like sleepwalking through an abandoned hospital with lyrics about drugs or something i really just like the beat

The 9th track on the album simply called 'Smack' immediately reminded me of the Red Room from the television series Twin Peaks, with the consistency of the guitar, ever going on and on and UDF rapping as if in dire straights looking for any sort of answer, but evidently finding none.

We have 'Indigo Child' by Bolo Nef. which is the closest thing this dark little collection has to a "Banger", his rap encompasses various things he seems to contemplative of, mixed over a remarkably very punchy & heavy but still this beat allows a danceable pace.

The last 2 tracks done by Caz Greez - 'If I Ain't Got No Pills' and 'Nothing Left' are completely introspectives although very tiny and dark, these sounds like overdosing on a substance and dying to be released from their mental states of mind, these young kids come at you with some of the(e) sickest flows (this side of the rockies), spitting unique rhymes that are sure to blow your mind out the back of your skull. 





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