ISIS Diss Tracks Go So Hard!

Fuck Isis / We Pull Squad ( w/ Chosen Shogun Yung Samurai ) [Prod. Tobal]

Finally we have reached an era, in which our interconnectivity through the internet, with mass media and worldly news outlets, has permitted an occurrence of Soundcloud producer type to take a pop-culturist approach diss tracks. Much like what we have seen JX Cannon's doing  (with #Jersey Club - 'Pop Off'), and also SCHWARZ - HUDS. This one in particular presents more of a "nostalgic" x #Vaporwave feel, that has the aesthetics of a SNES (Legends Of Zelda instrumental take), and Patriotism - to some degree at least. Regardless take a listen to this memorable ISIS diss track by Bruce GenDR. Its wonderful! Know any other ISIS diss tracks, share them below in the comments..





Calente Cardwell

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