#NVRLISTENED? Here's Our NVRLOOK At IHauntWizards

IHauntWizards was that rare band, that special band, that band that should have been more. Perhaps the greatest Synthpop band post 1980’s that never took over (but really should have.)


Their music is timeless. Pure pop. Catchy sparkly beats  with lead singer Helen Kirby’s beautiful vocals atop. Spilling her guts and crafting narratives anyone can relate too. I first heard them from a friend of mine. When I was going through a deep depression towards the end of my teenage years. I isolated myself and felt trapped. IHauntWizards understood this. The first time I heard their track “Along Came Polly Something snapped. They knew how I felt exactly. They got it. A band that can truly relate. “Is this life/I don’t have anyone to get, to know, and it will, probably stay that way”

This band perfectly signifies the magic of Pop music. Something everyone can find something enjoyable about, but it goes deeper. Lyrically the duo were fearless talking about all topics from unrequited love, to STI’s, to abuse, they went where other mainstream bands didn’t go, and ultimately that might have been but held them back from getting the success they deserved. For whatever reason they never really took over, and although their acclaim and fanfare on Myspace is a valid testimony to their talent, they never became the next big thing they really should have. However, despite it all they still have an amazing catalog of music available online at IHAUNTWIZARDS' SOUNDCLOUD including EP’s, remixes, and miscellaneous songs.

           Must Hear Tracks
  1. Along Came Polly
  2. It’s A Gloomy Night
  3. Sailor Moon
  4. Vampire Aids
  5. Let’s Break Hearts For Laughs

Unfortunately the group disbanded in 2011 during the rise of WITCH HOUSE. The producer of the duo James Levelle went on to craft his own project more relative to that genre.
Do you have any bands that you love,
that just never took off the way they should have?
Post them in the comments, let’s show them they are not forgotten.


Jesse James Alexander

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