#NVRMND BASED JESUS DA DEMON' Spill Blood in Your Name (produced by FVDE)

Relative newcomer and Chicago native BASED JESUS DA DEMON crashes through the gate with this little track. "Spill Blood In Your Name" is a tragic story set in feudal Japan, about a love that can never be. Our protagonist and honor bound samurai narrated through the fire bars of our MC. Spitting a wonderful and sad story while using a vocal effect where he is literally rapping besides himself which in the listener creates an aurally jarring affect. The beat by fvde sets up an absolute ghostly story of loss and regret to take place in which or main character falls in love with the daughter of a royal family and even though they can never be together he spills the blood in her name as a sort of bloody love letter. Based Jesus style is very free flowing and you get the idea that at any moment he could switch to a new topic and not lose momentum. Long story short BASED JESUS DA DEMON is ambitious as fuck and can craft a great tune to back that shit up. Pay attention.




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    <3 is Based Jesus

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