The video for St. Anthony was directed by jewelry designer and art world fixer David Tamargo who developed the idea in conjunction with performance artist turned production designer Melisa Dougherty who also handled the videos special effects. Robert Kerian served as the Director of Photography on our run and gun shoot through the LA River and into Imperial Art Studios. Director Leila Jarman helped edit the video with Melisa. Experimental animator Anne Petrokubi helped key out the slime. The project was produced by our manager Luka Fisher.



St. Anthony is about an encounter we had with a man who we nursed through a mental break down. He had confessed to being brutally raped by his boyfriend, he told us as strangers, because he felt there was no space for a man to voice such woes, and had been afraid to tell his family.



We felt ugly in the wake of this, What initiates the urge to break another person? The fact that we know peoples of both sexes that have suffered abuse points to a fundamental lacking in the character of mankind, man is a complex animal, but an animal all the same. we chose the title St. Anthony for he is the patron saint of wandering men, those that exist between established spaces.



"St. Anthony" was produced by Paul Roessler (The Screamers, 45 Grave) and will be released as a split 7" with the BCGs on Records Ad Nauseam in 2016.


Directed by David Tamargo
Director of Photography Robert Kerian
Edited by Leila Jarman and Melisa Dougherty
Special Effects +VFX Supervision by Melisa Dougherty
Asst. VFX by Anne Petrokubi
Anna Zlokovich 1st AD
G+E by Adonai Interiano
Makeup by Viola Perkins
Special Effects Makeup by Melisa Dougherty
Asst. Makeup by Tristene Roman
Produced by Luka Fisher
Co-Produced by David Tamargo
Associate Produced by Melisa Dougherty
Based on a concept by David Tamargo and Melisa Dougherty


Calente Cardwell

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