It has been a brief time since we have seen our beloved D A D A return, granted just a couple
months ago we were blessed with the video 00021 ALIEN, a lucid transformation out of psychic prisons, negation of forceful fields keeping you from healing, allowing meditation to be achievable quite easily to this short of hymn. Synthetic warmth within the sounds of the ambience of this piece. Rippling echoes representing themselves visually as a person in a sleek black under armour use organic enchantments what looked to me like a full on buddhist reincarnation of enlightenment, manifesting through a female bodied deity, unlocking their mind, and in doing so granting the complete thought power to summon multiple arms. Flowing in their own tranquility. The Creators Project | Technology and the Brightest Young Minds in Music, Art, Film, and Design, [Premiere] A Video Artist Channels Her Inner Digital Goddess
D A D A - 00021 ALIEN


The night of November 4th Maaker + D A D A's first collaborative release just went live. An ambient piece from Gammanh Creative (2015) Catalog # 3-900-001 Now Available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/mada/id1054565601


Phyllis wearing modeling one of the jackets she is selling here, to save up some money for a 2nd trip to NYC.
Here was a brief statement made by D A D A, "To everyone, who didn't see it yet.
I released my first ever EP in collaboration with Maaker+ and his record label Gammanh Creative, thankfully that we had the ability to also release it via iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. It was a wonderful collaboration for us this time around, it took us over 4 months to finish it. Surprisingly the most dark times I have been through. Mostly those tracks came out on my deepest points, for example “ILLUSION”. This EP is purposely made with some mistakes and cracks and loudness. Its rawness is what I am aiming at. Whatever genre you want to call it. We are telling a story of some dark times converting into light. The EP includes 6 tracks and tells a story of confusion and desperation, fear mostly, and resettlement.
Listen to the story, we uploaded it to soundcloud, too:
It took very long, and I am happy to step to new paths again. Love to everyone



Calente Cardwell

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