Ake Project - Public Slavery #NVRLOOK #NVRLISTEN

[From the Whiteblack album (2015) 

"This track is a collaboration between Ake Project, Mya Gogo, Rhyspectz D, and Okilah Beatz. They are all so talentuous, so you have to show them your support by liking, repost or sharing with your friends! Thank you."


[ "À PROPOS, Ake Project is a 2 sides project based in Reunion Island, (in the middle of the Indian Ocean). Side 1: Godfather of some Music inspired by lo-fi, 8-Bit and movie soundtrack sounds with a selfmade production. Side 2: Son of a glitch, doing GlitchArt, design and artworks for artists and a Featured Side with international artists from the bat-cave of web and social medias." ] 


Mya Gogo (Female voice from Toronto)  

Rhyspectz D (Male voice from Toronto) 

Okilah Beatz (United States voice, Production and mixing)  

Ake Project (composition and communication from Reunion Island)  
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Calente Cardwell

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