Gorgeous Geordie is not as crazy a person, as you would not know that from his music. Based in Vancouver BC Geordie has been making music for a few years now with many different producers such as Blank Banshee and Guilty Priest. I have actually met him in person when we played on the same bill at my event - A TrapHill function along with Blank Banshee. He brings a lot to the table in his live shows a high energy and wretched snarl of a delivery on his bars. I talked with him while he was in the studio eating ramen and finishing up his new EP


Geddy Lean Johnson: What is the name of your new album?

Geordie MacdonaldAngels In The Outfield EP

Geddy Lean Johnson: HAHA! Joseph Gordon Levitt

Geordie Macdonald: Yung "OG"

Geddy Lean Johnson: You still working with guilty goth? I mean guilty preist*

Geordie Macdonald: You will not hear him on the "Angels" project, but there may be a sequel to Guilty Goth in the works as we speak.

Geddy Lean Johnson: Well, that is a treat to hear who is your producer or producers this time around?

Geordie Macdonald: Mostly, dudes you've never heard me work with before, actually all dudes you never heard me work with before. I wanted to do something to contrast what you've heard from me up until this point

Geddy Lean Johnson: So would you say this is the sound as dark and moody or are we to expect a new sound - Entirely?

Geordie Macdonald: You're still gonna hear me being me, and doing what I want to do, but the musical vibe will definitely have a different tone on this one. I do not want people to come to expect anything from me, haha, literally and figuratively!



Geddy Lean Johnson: Sounds like a great way to be. By the way your video game is so on point it is so scary, and I mean the blood twerking, weird rituals, do you come up with that shit or do you let the video artists just do that?

Geordie Macdonald: I've always written the video concepts, but have reached out for directing. Except actually the blood twerk was my homegirl Mad's idea. But clearly I wouldn't object to such a thing

Geddy Lean Johnson: I mean why would you? How's the live game going?

Geordie Macdonald: The live game has been going good, I decided after my New Year's Eve performance I wanted to try to do at least one show per month for 2015 and so far I am succeeding. Missed one month but doubled up a couple other months so definitely happy with that. I find a lot of rappers in the scene here don't focus on the performance side of things or attempt to bring anything out of the ordinary to their live show, so i try to fuck with that a bit more.Not that being able to sound exactly how you do on your album is a bad thing. I just am always entertained by live theatrics. Watain to date is the best act I've ever seen live.


"To Create Is Divine, To Reproduce Is Human"

Geddy Lean Johnson: You sounded pretty damn close to the album last time i saw you

Geordie Macdonald: Well thank you, that was our second time ever performing those songs, having Guilty Priest live with me is always 100 times better

Geddy Lean Johnson: Yeah he is fire. You got a new video coming soon, like a possible pre-album release?

Geordie Macdonald: Couple videos in the works right now for Angels In The Outfield, if all goes well, should have something new to watch next month

Geddy Lean Johnson: Got a cover image yet maybe a sneak peek?

Geordie Macdonald: I actually leaked it over a year ago on my personal and music pages on fb. IG too

Geddy Lean Johnson: Oh, damn!

Geordie Macdonald: I think before Guilty Goth even dropped haha

Geddy Lean Johnson: Got a tracklist maybe? Something X-clusive you could hook us up with?

Geordie Macdonald: Oh fuck, nothing has been finalized yet but fuck it why not:

Kept a Vancouver theme with the MC features. 'Cause I've never done that

  1. Internet Angels
  2. The Info (ft. DKay & Max Dishaw)
  3. Pegasus
  4. Float (ft. Mr. Archive & Sauce)
  5. Slow Transitions (ft. Vials & Wettworker)
  6. My Return To Darkness

Geddy Lean Johnson: So, they recorded with you in the studio

Geordie Macdonald: Actually only half, some recorded from home and sent for their own convenience.

Geddy Lean Johnson: Well that's still pretty cool. Why did you name ur ep after the 90s movie?

Geordie Macdonald: Well you'll have to listen to the EP to find out.

Geddy Lean Johnson: HAHA!

Geordie Macdonald: It's all there though, the concept

Geddy Lean Johnson: So, the wings and Christopher Lloyd and whomever played the dad

Geordie Macdonald: I honestly fucking love wings, chicken wings, angel wings, demon wings, pegasus wings, you name it and christopher Lloyd was ill as fuck as Doc Brown, nobody can take that away from him

Geddy Lean Johnson: I make a dope sriracha wing sauce from scratch he was also the priest in taxi and the villain in Who Framed Roger Rabbit ?

Geordie Macdonald: Well I want to try that sauce next time I'm down in Seattle because I'm a hot sauce fucking fanatic

Geddy Lean Johnson: It is also a little sweet because it has me a lot in it and fresh ginger mother fucka!

Geordie Macdonald: I like the way they do hot sauce in Mexico, sometimes they can be a little sweet also. Looking forward to this. Valentina my current favorite



I Don't Own A Car 

Geddy Lean Johnson: When can we expect the new release?

Geordie Macdonald: Also hoping to have it for you next month. It's done though. Just waiting on visuals.

Geddy Lean Johnson: I cannot wait to hear it. Anything else you wanna say to the nvrblog audience?

Geordie Macdonald: Just that I'm glad NVR MND makes better clothes than I do music, cause whenever I wear your shirts my photos on social media get way more hits. So thank you.

Geddy Lean Johnson: Well thanks man we appreciate you wearing our shit and i hope to see you on tour soon. You are always welcome in Seattle

Geordie Macdonald: My favorite North West city thus far that's for sure





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