Dagger Forest is a London label run by underground musick authority and mastermind Alan Karlik. In May 14, 2010, he started the witch-house.com message board for the occult electronic community as a hub of the scene. Although the site is currently on hiatus, Alan has said that he is in the process of revamping web page. You can check out the archive here to soak in some of the history of the time. To quote Alan in reference to witch-house.com during the second half of 2010 and whole of 2011, "it was an amazing place."  

In October 2014, Alan started Dagger Forest to showcase some of his favorite dark artists and upcoming talent including Mascara, EYESHADOWS, Sofia Reta aka Ʌ (arc), and Makeup. Dagger Forest has just dropped 3 new releases for this darkening season so I'm going to shed a little light on each one.  


1) DF006 Rough Year - Mongrel

Philadelphia based artist and musician, Rough Year treads sonic experimentations spanning between musique concrète and sound collage. The occasional beats root the sound with bits of juke, future garage and abstract bass. Even on the ambient bits occasional fast-paced light click-percussion segments give the feeling of being a 160 bpm juke track without a kick or a snare. Drenched in soft verbs and heavy compression pulling the chilled pitched vocal bits and and clipped talking samples over the solid synth pads, it surprising anchors all together quite well inside of the abstract production. His debut 4-track EP "Mongrel" heavily focuses on and is influenced by current social and political issues surrounding racial and gender identity in America.


2) DF007 A Place Both Wonderful And Strange - Sorry For Your Loss

A Place Both Wonderful And Strange is an occult-pop performance art project based in Brooklyn, NY and composed of Russ Marshalek and Niabi Aquena. APBWAS exists in a world hyper-influenced by the occult, David Lynch and Janet Jackson, damaged by witch house and pop culture in equal measures.

"The sound of a place both wonderful and strange is that of a heady paganistic fever dream that keeps the waking world slightly at bay, a warm and heavy hand across your eyes. It is the sound of sleep paralysis, a darkness shaking and ravaging your psyche with unease, mystery and wonder. However, it’s not just about what you can hear. Often, if you’re hearing it, it’s too late."


3) DF008 HeveN - Angel

HeveN is an American producer drawing from nostalgia and sadness. More atmosphere than trap, it punctures the moods with sensational 808 explosions.

Bandcamp: https://daggerforest.bandcamp.com/album/angel




Mike Textbeak

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