#NVRNSFW "Danny Wylde" - A Film By Matthew Kaundart Premieres Tomorrow @ 9AM on #Somesuch

#NVRBLOG presents our first look at the exclusive short film accompanying an experimental essay and art piece that will be premiering tomorrow at 9AM on Somesuch.co, a production company with its own literary journal. The film is directed by Matthew Kaundart and is an adaptation of Chris Zeischegg’s essay, “On the Moral Imperative to Commodify Our Sexual Suffering” and Luka Fisher’s accompanying artwork. The essay’s 29-year-old writer and LA resident is a former adult film star, as well as a member of a duo deathcore band called Chiildren.
Check back here and on #Somesuch around 9AM for the full release of "DANNY WYLDE"
[ “I was like most college kids trying to look for a job,” Zeischegg says sipping his coffee. “I started doing weird nude modeling gigs and a lot of the people who would shoot me were gay men so they would often ask if I could get an erection for the shoot or whatever”. – Chris Zeischegg, via Noisey ]
Zeischegg was first introduced into the adult industry quickly after moving out of Northern California’s Grass Valley to Los Angeles in 2006 to attend film school. The former porn performer does not consume alcohol or abuse substances.
Luka Fisher created the visual artwork featured in the film and the essay, and he also served as the film’s producer. According to Fisher, both works are intended to expose "the moral imperative to co-modify sexual suffering.” Fisher explained that he “designed a poster using [Chris’s] body and injecting his blood into the prints, so folks could literally participate in the essay and film’s metaphorical premise. The premise of his essay is that it's impossible to make money doing porn unless you do horrible things. So he's looking for a billionaire necromancer to kill him on a well-produced video... and then bring him back to life, so he could make a living.”
Greg Keuhn from the long-time Punk faction T.S.O.L. (True Sounds Of Liberty) of our very own Long Beach, California produced the film’s music. And legendary performance artist Sheree Rose served as the film’s technical advisor.
Kyle Rupinski (Director of Photography)
Luka Fisher (Producer)


Calente Cardwell

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