[An Intimate #NVRLISTEN w/ Chilean Artists Blame Venus]

In this installment of #NVRLISTEN, we give you a chance to hear from our good friends in Blame Venus, a first look at the Chilean duo brought together by Andy Gun (Violence) & Lou Rave. Our writer Jesse James Alexander was kind enough to facilitate a window of opportunity to get a closer look behind Blame Venus' sound, aesthetics, and what it's like to be an chilean witch house artist. 



JAJ: These are an open set of questions for the both of you, but what inspires you Lou & Andy? When did you begin creating music. Have you ever needed to hear some music or some sounds that not exist? 

BV: The inspiration, to make the music that we wanted to hear. We started to create music at 2011 (we met in 2010), I (Lou) told Andy to come one day to my home, and do some music. We made a few songs and uploaded to soundcloud and then we had our first live show (2012).


JAJ: Chile comes off as a haven for the dark underground sound we have come to love. In a sea of #witchhouse, you emerge unique with a sound that, to me, has a Crystal Castles/Kap Bambino influence. Are other artists supportive of what you all do or is the scene competitive?

BV: The scene in Chile is not big, so we met all the other local bands, [then] generated close friendships with them. In terms of Crystal Castles and Kap Bambino, we do appreciate their music, they are doing a great job so we have some influences from them, but we have more influences from 2015's underground bands we met in our stay at Russia: Ic3peak, Crossparty, Радoсть Моя and gabber stuff.

JAJ: In regards to the scene [in Chile], how often do you play live? Do you find booking live shows to be doable or a challenge.

BV: [Again] The scene in Chile is not very big, so here Witchouse and the "dark" electronic is not a large movement. It is a little hard to play live constantly, but we do it like once a month. We organized a few parties (#RAVE PARTY) all local bands played live there and in the last one Vitia and Kira (#VV17CHØU7 creators) came to Chile and they played there. We are trying to generate a big wave. We know some local famous DJ's and they are constantly inviting us to play.

JAJ: What kind of responses do you desire from people who have never heard your music before? Do you have a vision of what you'd like to have people feel and experience?

BV: The point of BLAME VENUS is that people feel a lot of sensations when they listen to our music, we try to pass our feelings to the listeners. We have so much love to the lyrics we write and the tracks and sounds help to liberate all these feelings. We hope the people that listen to us feel love, hate, sadness, everything.

JAJ: Any upcoming releases you'd like to share with us? We're always ready for more. +/-

BV: We are always working on new stuff, so we have a lot of material to share soon.

JAJ: Do you have a path you want music to take you on? Do you see yourself having bigger releases/playing bigger shows/embarking on lengthy tours, or would you prefer to keep it local and become a community fixture.

BV: We want to grow up infinitly, never enough. We want to make bigger shows, to make tours and to have more listeners to pass our creations and break the frontier between every country and physical limits. We love the undergorund and little scene, but we want more people know about us keeping the 'local' concept.

JAJ: Do you have any advice for other artists who also want to stay innovative? 

BV: Always stay fresh and don't be lazy. When you have ideas or influences try to mix them and just do them. The crowd is a important part of the creation. Always keep close to them and love them, without crow and artist doesn't exist.

JAJ: What gear do you use in the studio/on stage?
BV: In studio we use digital softwares and a synth (microKorg). To play our live performances we use synth, midi synth, pad and voice effect pedal. Now we are taking care about the live performance, so we are using more lights and two girls (wearing sadomasochist costumes) who dance to 'Víscera' (a track that talks about a prostitute).

JAJ: If you could pick how you wanted the world to end, what would you pick?

BV: If the world ends we prefer that just only human race ends, so the earth and animal kingdom would have a second chance to shine. An anti-human bomb would be perfect.


Jesse James Alexander

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