#NVRMND Gucci Racks, Goth Moneys' new single from 'Trillionares' By NVR DAD

Shout out to Master P

Gucci Racks single from their 'Trillionares' album by Goth Money released on October 31st, what a perfect way to spend halloween & the winter season. Gettin' your racks up! 

Gucci Racks is unlike Goth Moneys last foray as it sounds a lot more put produced and less gross and uncomfortable sounding altogether the more refined sound reminds me of 90s cruisin music with its ghostly synth in the back ever present throughout the 2 and half minutes of track has got me hype as fuck for the new album by the goth money krew. 

Here is another preview to the album if haven't purchased your copy yet, Hell Is You Doin'


CD Now Available at Break World Records: bit.ly/GOTHM



01. Gucci Racks

02. Bank Roll

03. Hell is you Doin

04. Movie

05. Hurry Up

06. BlueBucks

07. On top

08. Vice City

09. Cuban Links

10. Yung Taliban

11. Been that Nigga

12. Brick Walk

13. Bling Bling

14. Goth Mansion

15. Are you Still Gucci

Wanna know more about Goth Money & Trillionaires, check  



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