Nome : What is a subspace ?

Drrty Pharms : Subspace refers to the headspace a sub enters into during a BDSM scene. This is the headspace we hope our guests enter into at our parties. It is also a play on how, when we dj, the space will be filled with sub bass frequencies.

Nome : For our readers unfamiliar with BDSM, Fetishism, or #FETOL, would you mind giving them an accurately, yet digestible, verbal introduction ?

Drrty Pharms : I think of eroticism as everything surrounding the act of sex other than the act itself. This is what differentiates human sexuality from that of animals; eroticism, unlike simple sexual activity, is a psychological quest independent of the natural goal: reproduction and the desire for children. Since, in our culture, sexuality is taboo, people are forced to revert to the realm of fantasy, where they may become fixated on specific traits, objects or scenarios which they, for whatever reason, associate with their arousal. Often, these fetishes are too taboo to actually enact, so they are lived out either through the imagination or through roleplay scenarios. BDSM is an umbrella term referring to a variety of acts and types of relationships which sexualize an imbalance of power. Fantasy and roleplay frequently involve transgressions of societal taboos, so it is common for people who lack requisite understanding to marginalize and condemn fetishists. The stigmas which make certain acts taboo are so deeply ingrained in people’s minds that, even though the acts are only being carried out in the virtual realms of fantasy or roleplay, people in the lifestyle still face discrimination. In the UK, they recently passed laws banning the creation porn that depicts fisting, facesitting, strangulation, female ejaculation, humiliation, water sports and a myriad of other things. I believe that fetish tolerance is important because it does not accomplish anything to ridicule people for fantasies they can’t help from having. At Subspace, we accept everyone, though the fantasy realm we provide is not necessarily a sexual one, it is musical. Through Subspace, we have had the opportunity to give talented, but mostly unknown, artists the space to bring us into their fantasy worlds, to tell their stories and show a larger audience the beauty of their internal lives.

Nome : There seems to be some “Shock Value” happening with Friends of Friends via Social Media sites such as Facebook. Is that deliberately directed at the audience, or is it misguided judgments ?

Drrty Pharms : In accordance with the theme of the party, our fliers often depict anime characters engaging in fantastical BDSM scenarios, which have included bondage, vore, latex, petplay, tentacle rape and, most recently, dismemberment. The reactions to these flyers have been mostly positive, though, as per usual, I’ve received criticism from people bothered by the imagery, who accuse me of posting such imagery with the intent to “shock” them. They are partially right. While we don’t design our flyers this way in order to piss off random strangers on the internet, I believe that something in eroticism is innately shocking. Good erotic imagery should strike to the inmost core of the audience, so that the heart stands still. Eroticism always entails a breaking down of the established patterns of the regulated social order basic to our mode of existence; In eroticism, our existence is jolted, jarred and shaken to its foundations. The stirrings within us have their own fearful excesses; the excesses show which way these stirrings would take us. They are simply a sign to remind us constantly that death, the rupture of the discontinuous individualities to which we cleave in terror, stands there before us more real than life itself.

Nome : To what extent do you think Subspace has succeeded in doing so, and where do you think it falls short ?

Drrty Pharms : I think that Subspace has been a success thus far. We have had a lot of great performers come through like Lofty305, YngxOG Kane, Ethereal, Slug Christ, Lord Narf and Salomon Faye (to name a few) and we’ve even been able to give some of our friends (Ziggy Black, Cool∆Swim & $hroomhead) the chance to perform for the first time ever! One thing that has been holding us back is our location. The sound system at Lit Lounge is notoriously bad and lacking in bass. The owner has also expressed a distaste for hip-hop, which has created an awkward tension since that is the majority of what we play. These problem, however, will soon be rectified, since as of December 29th, we will be moving to The Flat.

Nome: Can you touch on how the audience seems to be reacting the the #Free #NVRMND Merch #Giveaways ?

Drrty Pharms: People seem to really like the free clothes. I always see people wearing them later. I feel like I’m haunted by these logos, they’re everywhere I look.

Nome : Well, what’s the next biggest event your most excited about ?

Drrty Pharms: Tonight, the 29th at The Flat from 11-4. Bukkweat Bill, Black Smurf and $uicideboy$ are performing and DJ Smokey 666, Vik Rai and I are DJing. I saw all them perform at Palisades the other night and they killed it, but their sets were kind of rushed, so I’m excited to see what they do at Subspace. $hroomhead will also be coming through to perform his collab with $uicideboy$, $u$hi.

Going out in Brooklyn tonight :: https://www.facebook.com/events/711359475618788/

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