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FOXXY: Just finished “Neutral”  & some next level-ish with SADWRIST. Plotting a trip out of The Bay Area sometime in Spring. Being a dark phreak and walking the line. 

NN: Care to shine some light on what “Neutral”, is that a full length album ?

Here is a preview of FoxxyNewports album Neutral, “Stars”. 


FOXXY: Yes, Neutral is my new full length produced by MR.KITTY. I wanted to give listeners the full spectrum. The BLVCKLODGE EP is something I hold dearly, but Laura Palmer was the muse. With Neutral I wanted to open up about my life. My sex, my sadness. I wanted to take my own issues and make narratives others could relate too.

Alexander, you work as an independent artist ?

I am a member of Oaklands Post Primal Collective and affiliated with Chiles Equilateral Records, but no label holds me exclusively.

The previously released track BLVCKLODGE, by MR.KITTY

‘BLVCKLODGE’ cover artwork by San Fransico, Jody Jock

NN: “SADWRIST” iz a local Oakland homie ov yurs ?

FOXXY: SADWRIST is an extremely talented South – American based Witchhouse act that is also with Equilateral Records.

NN: What a siq collaboration Alexander. What’s the ‘ETA’ for the material coming from this particular release ?

FOXXY: Within the first quarter of next year. I am open to an independent release but I would appreciate a label assisting with distribution. The quality will be professional. The project deserves the attention.

NN: What exactly is being a “dark freq” … How close to that line do you find yourself ?

FOXXY: Being a dark phreak is taking everything somber and reveling in it. I celebrate my tragedies because they don’t hurt me. They made me stronger.


photography by Suma Jane Dark

NN: Been in a tremendous trouble recently ?

FOXXY: As for trouble I am rather clean. I am the only member of my family to not have a mugshot or rehab sentence. But I walk the line because societal expectations mean nothing to me. When I die my body will decompose into the Earth. I stay Neutral. Art is what keeps me going.

NN: For those in the audience who don’t know who Laura Palmer, “OPPC”, or Chiles Equilateral Records, what would you like to say ?

FOXXY: Laura Palmer is iconic. Her narrative within Twin Peaks is such a great commentary on glamorizing death, keeping secrets, and duality.
Post Primal is great. Metal Mother has worked herself to the bone to offer a support platform for multimedia artists in the Bay and around the world. Equilateral Records is a fantastic net label. Denzi, is a true professional and I applaud how he has worked to gather unique artists from around the globe and put us out there.

NN: I apologize for my randominity, but eye trust yu can answer this in an interesting way; In the dark the light could appear brighter, in comparison ?

FOXXY: Darkness and light are very relative things and their perception varies by the person but you are right.

I’ve given up chasing the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. My destiny is my own and it will go the way it needs to go. Being with Neutral Death has awoken a fire in me. To fight for the queers, the freaks, the misunderstood and represented.

NN: Really excited to hear what you have coming! Fantastic news really. Thanks for taking the time to chat with me.

FOXXY: You are so kind. All thanks to you and those have stood by and want to help with this. We are all family here.


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