Eye got the op to #CYBERSIT with the #HENTAIBOYS for a “Quick Look”, at their new Ep release Snow Ninja. Hailing all the way from Moscow, Russia. The elaborately creative and vastly deep crew was just a little inspired by an anime that has made huge waves in the manga market, spanning multiple seasons, with endless fan based irritations & a follow up to its original series called Naruto Shippuden. Snow Ninja is a dope gust to get blown to. Synthy spikes, muffling pulse breaks, transition & breakdown into footwerk juxtaposition that enters a sort of ravey chamber, cheering itself on – Really! Take a listen to Dance Blade, if your dont believe me!

A New Beginning by soare.

HENTAIBOYS: Hi. My name is Anton

NN: Nice to make your acquaintance Anton. My name is Nome.  Who are the Hentai Boys ?

HENTAIBOYS [ANTON]: HENTAIBOYS, are a #Russian music collective producing cloud/dark/trill/witch house music. It’s been a single week since we had our Facebook page curated. Before we simply had “VK” (kind of Russian Facebook) and soundcloud. There is about 20 guys, but there are only 10 who’s producing music.

NN: I have a “VK”. Who are the producers at HENTAI BOYS, the other 10 are strictly MC’s ? 

HENTAIBOYS [ANTON]:  Other 10 are looking for content (pictures) or doing videos for us

NN: Okay, a team of creative directors. 


NN: Did you grow up together I mean ?

HENTAIBOYS [ANTON]: No, we all from different cities, all have different ages.

NN: How long has HENTAIBOYS been a collective &  how has it changed since the collective began created itself ?

HENTAIBOYS [ANTON]: HENTAIBOYS exists since May 2014. Although,  we weren’t producing our music. Just posting pictures from “Naruto” and adding songs. 

NN: Would you say you were building your aesthetic at the time – I think thats fantastic! The collective was able to make that leap, into action. You have some really remarkable soundscapes. I enjoy the Naruto samples. “Shippuden”;roughly translates to the “Hurricane Chronicles”. 

HENTAIBOYS [ANTON]: Yeah haha, every of ours EP/LP telling you different stories. Better to say every track.

NN: What are those stories about ?

HENTAIBOYS [ANTON]: I think that all our tracks capture the environment(s) in a special way. Our listeners will instantly feel as if their standing in the Hidden Leaf Village, watching a break fight between ninjas…

NN: You want your listeners to be immersed in that environment depicted in the series ?

HENTAIBOYS [ANTON]: Yea, kind of

NN: Any collaborations in the works ?

HENTAIBOYS [ANTON]: Yeah, we worked with another two Russian producers M()RE and PORTWAVE.

NN: Are you familiar with coven party ?

HENTAIBOYS [ANTON]: About coven, I’m also producing solo (no collective) music, it’s witch house, and yeah. Coven invited me to play on their party 7th February, but I won’t go, cause I wont be in Russia, but they invited me (d i v m ø n d), not hentaiboys.

Coven’s saying that Hentai boys isn’t what they want to see on their party

NN: That’s quite interesting that feel your solo material is “better suited for their needs”. Can you describe to me what your music sounds like ?

HENTAIBOYS [ANTON]: It’s typical witch house, with hard synths and leads

NN: Is there anywhere you can listen/hear it online ?


NN: Any video releases in the works ? It’s a new year, I am expecting great things from your collective! 

HENTAIBOYS [ANTON] There is only one person doing videos for us. Right n
ow we’re working at our next EP.


An AMV ov a battle between Konan & Tobi from Naruto Shippuden for H 3 N 7 V I B O ¥

NN: When are you expecting to drop the next Ep ?

HENTAIBOYS [ANTON]: I think the EP will be done for next month.

NN: Thank you for taking the time to #CYBERSIT with me & talk about your music






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